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If You're Reading This

Video Recorded by Ladie-B & whatisinaname in the Style of Tim McGraw.
19 views 26 comments

I wonder how many people remember these two voices singing together. I had to bring his sweet beautiful voice back to life in the snap world... Thanks for listening...xo -B-

Rush Rush

Video Recorded by Ladie-B in the Style of Paula Abdul.
42 views 41 comments

Ooo I LOVE this sexy song. <3 I remember listening to my boom box all day just to record it on a tape lol Thx for listening...xo -B-

I'm Going Down

Video Recorded by Ladie-B in the Style of Rose Royce.
51 views 29 comments

Pouring out that soulful soul always makes me feel better... I'm going down... Thx for listening xo -B-

Bartender (Aka Sittin' At A Bar)

Video Recorded by Ladie-B & Connman in the Style of Rehab & Hank Williams Jr..
55 views 47 comments

Yes this is definitely potentially offensive. Hahahahahahaha!!! What a beautiful song... ;) If you are easily offended PLEASE do NOT listen, I think it is too funny!! Thanks for listening...xo -B-

Need You Now

Video Recorded by Ladie-B in the Style of Lady Antebellum.
41 views 18 comments

OPEN DUET Thanks for listening xo -B-

F**kin' Perfect (clean)

Video Recorded by Ladie-B in the Style of Pink.
43 views 32 comments

("CLEAN" version) You are perfect to me <3 Thanks for listening :) xo -B-

According To You

Video Recorded by Ladie-B in the Style of Orianthi.
61 views 51 comments

Felt like rocking a bit... But according to him... ;) Thx for listening...xo -B-

Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)

Video Recorded by Ladie-B in the Style of Dixie Chicks.
61 views 21 comments

This is very personal for me to share: It is very difficult to sing through the tears. In remembrance of all of the angel babies all around the world. Especially my own angel baby Dylan Shane whom was my first born son. He was diagnosed with Potter's Syndrome at my 20 week ultrasound (a genetic disorder meaning that he did not have kidneys). Doctors insisted that I terminate the pregnancy but I refused and I chose to carry him as long as my body would allow. I wanted to give him a fighting chance. He was born 2 months early on October 30 weighing 3lbs and 2 ozs. and he gained his wings a few hours after he was born. He took his last breath in my arms. His funeral and burial were on Halloween. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. Godspeed little man, sweet dreams little love will fly to you each night on angel's wings...<3 Today is pregnancy and infant loss awareness day. Hug a mommy of an angel today if you know one. Music has helped me get through so many things. Thank you for listening.

She Talks To Angels

Video Recorded by Ladie-B in the Style of The Black Crowes.
41 views 25 comments

Oh how I adore that guitar!! Felt like a rock out power session on one of my all time favorite songs ;) Thank you for listening...xo -B-


Video Recorded by Ladie-B in the Style of Patsy Cline.
46 views 35 comments

Crazy...a beautiful classic... thx for listening xo -B-