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Who Knew (No Backing Vocals)

By Ladie-B In the Style Of (Acoustic Symphony) Pink
121 Views 42 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

Who knew? Thanks... -B-

Every Little Thing

By Ladie-B In the Style Of Carly Pearce
97 Views 24 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

When I can't find the words, I find a song that can... Thanks! -B-

If I Ain't Got You

By Ladie-B In the Style Of Alicia Keys
192 Views 31 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

Acoustic version. Thanks! <3 -B-

Needed Me

By Ladie-B In the Style Of Rihanna -
89 Views 28 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

Well this is the piano! Thanks! -B-

Need You Now (Piano, Duet)

By Ladie-B In the Style Of Lady Antebellum
117 Views 18 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

Love the piano vibes on this...I sang it all the way through...such a special song... Thanks! -B-


By Ladie-B In the Style Of Meredith Brooks
60 Views 26 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

Hey, at least I'm honest hahaha ;) Thanks -B-

Tin Man

By Ladie-B In the Style Of Miranda Lambert
84 Views 29 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

Music therapy...felt this one down to the soul... Thanks -B-

Weight Of The World

By Ladie-B In the Style Of Evanescence
70 Views 22 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

Sing Therapy. Thanks! -B-


By Ladie-B Featuring Crashtestdummy 61 In the Style Of Seether & Amy Lee
112 Views 20 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

An all time favorite. I needed some sing time today, I have so much going on. Broken <3 Thanks for the duet man! T...

The First Cut Is The Deepest

By Ladie-B In the Style Of Sheryl Crow
126 Views 12 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

Thanks! xo -B-