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I lied

By chickiebooga1
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This is a song that I wrote in 2012, I got copyright in 2013. It's a 5 minute song with very basic music so I hope you all can hang in there lol. It is not perfected yet. My music man B J Howard is going to add more (live) music to it when I get ready to record it for real. I love to write and my lyrics always derive from a combination of my own life experiences, some from friends and family experiences and some from lyrics that I just pulled from my crazy imagination haha. I have many that I still need to get music too. I've been dragging my heels but hopefully this year I'll get this one and many more recorded professionally. Life can sometimes get in the way but that's no excuse, so I'm going to kick those heels in high gear and like we say in the south; (GET ER DONE lol) My music man is a dear friend and plays a MEAN GUITAR. I can't wait to hear more live music from him on this when I get in the studio with it. He is not on ss but I have been trying to get him on here every since I first met him and his sweet wife Sheryl. They are like family to me and very talented. If you have any suggestions I welcome any feed back on this recording whether positive or negative. thanks for listening, big hugzzzzzz <3 By the way this is a quick (double) two step, or just a (slow) two step country dance song, I think lol, so grab up that special loved one in your life and dance :) <3 you all, thanks for listening. I LIED CHORUS I lied when I said it was over for me, oh I lied..... cause honey I still love you can't you see, I lied when I said that I don't want you any more....... Oh I lied.... but I never lied to you before. VERSE 1: I know now what I have to do and I knew this time would come some day... cause trust is the issue and I know I can't live this way. I didn't mean the hurtful words I said and those I lied about for sure... Oh I lied but I never lied to you before. (REPEAT CHORUS) VERSE 2: You always ask where I've been and there's suspension every time...... You don't believe a word I say and I can see it in your eyes. The hardest thing I ever had to do was.. close that door... oh I lied but I never lied to you before. (REPEAT CHORUS) VERSE 3: I try and push my thoughts of you away but I'm always thinking of you still, I never could deny the passion or the way that your love made me fell. The memory of you sizzles in my heart and Ohhh it burns.. to the core..... oh I lied but I never lied to you before. (REPEAT CHORUS) (TAG): I lied......... but I never lied to you before

It's A Heartache

By chickiebooga1 in the Style of Bonnie Tyler
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Please Remember Me

By chickiebooga1 in the Style of Tim McGraw
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This song is a little low for me even on high but I really like it so I sung it anyway :) Hope you will forgive the smudged makeup, had a rough day but singing always perks my spirit right back up again, ty you all for stopping by, I'll see ya soon, big warm hugzzzzzzz <3

To Make You Feel My Love

By chickiebooga1 in the Style of Adele
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I love this song with my whole heart, One of my very faves, hope you are all well, I'll be by soon to listen, big warm hugzzzzzzzzzz <3

Santa Baby

By chickiebooga1 in the Style of Kellie Pickler
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I love this cute and playful little tune, sung it a few days ago and just now getting around to posting it, I hope you all have a great holiday and stay well and safe, big hugz and I will be over to your studio real soon <3

Merry Christmas Darling

By chickiebooga1 in the Style of The Carpenters
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Hey dear friends, same song I sung last year but been so busy lately no time to learn a new one, Oh well I really love this one anyway, I hope you are all well, and thanks so much for listening, I'll be by your studio soon, big hugz

Half The Way

By chickiebooga1 in the Style of Crystal Gayle
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Baby, It's Cold Outside

By chickiebooga1 in the Style of Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews
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Thank you Calvin for joining me on this cute little tune, you nailed it for sure, and I love it, hugz

I'd Love You To Want Me

By chickiebooga1 in the Style of Lobo
109 views 80 comments 5+
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Feels So Right

By chickiebooga1 in the Style of Alabama
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