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Subterranean Homesick Blues

By CharlieAnderson 32 in the Style of Bob Dylan
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Thanks for listening

Little Drummer Boy

By CharlieAnderson 32 in the Style of Anne Murray
125 views 12 comments 3
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I chose this song because I love the message. It's about humility. I also wanted to choose a more traditional song celebrating the nativity and the miracle of the Saviour's birth. Don't get me wrong. The modern stuff is super and no Christmas is complete without some Jingle Bell Rockin'. But during that quiet space of time just after the kid/s have fallen asleep and just before Santa arrives I like to sit down on the couch and take a deep breath and enjoy the silence. I usually offer a prayer of thanks. (That's the only kind of prayer I know, really.) And I try to envision how it must have been to behold an event so momentous and miraculous set to such a humble and serene setting. I also like this song because it is a march. My grandfather was a retired Lt. Col. in the U.S. Army and he always appreciated a good marching tune. I miss him at Christmas time. Thank you for clicking on me. Merry Christmas. -Charlie

The Air That I Breathe

By CharlieAnderson 32 in the Style of The Hollies
75 views 8 comments 2
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DollDuffer & Friends Sponsorship Contest III Round 3 (make it your own) This being the third round in the third contest called for a third song in the mash. Tough round for me. Good challenge. Really good challenge. Thanks for listening.

Wooly Bully

By CharlieAnderson 32 in the Style of Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs
86 views 12 comments 1
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Watch it now! Watch it! He'll getcha!

Bloody Well Right

By CharlieAnderson 32 in the Style of Supertramp
121 views 17 comments 3
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DollDuffer & Friends' Sponsorship Contest III Round 1 (Halloween Theme) Thanks for listening, Commenting, or even just for clicking on my happy face.

Lovely Day

By CharlieAnderson 32 in the Style of Bill Withers
545 views 40 comments 5+
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Can You Feel It Rd.1 (happy) Hope this makes somebody happy. Thank you for clickin' on me and for listening to my caterwauling. Your Friend, Charlie

Somebody That I Used To Know

By CharlieAnderson 32 in the Style of Gotye & Kimbra
125 views 8 comments 5
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When somebody cuts you out of their life it hurts because they take pieces of you with them but it is important to remember they left pieces of themselves behind as well.

Here Comes Your Man

By CharlieAnderson 32 in the Style of The Pixies
59 views 8 comments
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CityandMusic's 90's Alternative 2 Song Contest. Audition Round Thank you for listening.

Flies On The Butter (You Can't Go Hom...

By CharlieAnderson 32 Featuring Dizfigureddolly 29 in the Style of Naomi Judd & Wynonna Judd
147 views 16 comments 2
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Rockin' My Life Away

By CharlieAnderson 32 in the Style of Jerry Lee Lewis
84 views 12 comments 4
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