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At This Moment

By candyo 62 In the Style Of Billy Vera and The Beaters
18 Views 2 Comments 3
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By candyo 62 Featuring Oregonwax 50 In the Style Of Huey Lewis & Gwenyth Paltrow
31 Views 4 Comments 3
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By candyo 62 Featuring t2close 62 In the Style Of Ed Sheeran Feat.beyonce
25 Views 7 Comments 4
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End Of The World

By candyo 62 In the Style Of Allison Paige
29 Views 8 Comments 5+
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Joey, Tyler and Josh

Angel (Duet)

By candyo 62 Featuring melony1968 72 In the Style Of Sarah McLachlan
38 Views 6 Comments 3
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Thank you for leaving this open, you're the bomb!!

Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)

By candyo 62 In the Style Of Josh Groban
24 Views 4 Comments 4
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I'm Leaving It (All) Up To You

By candyo 62 In the Style Of Donny Osmond & Marie Osmond
13 Views 2 Comments 1
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Ya know, anytime I see Mr. Donny Osmond on the feature page, I'm gonna be a part of it!!!!

(acoustic) Somewhere Over The Rainbow

By candyo 62 In the Style Of Judy Garland
9 Views 5 Comments 4
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Warming up

Manic Monday

By candyo 62 In the Style Of The Bangles
5 Views 0 Comments
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Superstar [Orig. Master Kar.]

By candyo 62 In the Style Of The Carpenters
37 Views 13 Comments 5+
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IDK, got my vocals turned to down to almost off and i'm still too loud!!! help!!!