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What Was I Thinkin'

Audio Recorded by -Jay- +1 in the Style of Dierks Bentley.
60 views 24 comments

Fun song for a day off work :) It's been almost a year to the day since I recorded anything. Sooooo............. Hi! lol


Video Recorded by -Jay- +1 in the Style of Kid Rock.
122 views 36 comments

Yep! :)

I Need A Doctor (Duet Version)

Audio Recorded by -Jay- +1 & Peas_N_Carrots in the Style of Dr Dre. & Eminem & Skylar Grey.
87 views 25 comments

Someone call for a doctor? :P with <a href="">Jess</a> as Skylar Grey and <a href="">Doug</a> as Eminem


Audio Recorded by -Jay- +1 & Sheila in the Style of Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon.
126 views 22 comments

Love singing this one with Sheila. First one we ever recorded together a few years ago... : )

Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not

Audio Recorded by -Jay- +1 in the Style of Thompson Square.
179 views 22 comments

Happy Valentine's Day, Sheila! : ) This just seemed like the perfect song to sing for you today. <3


Audio Recorded by -Jay- +1 in the Style of Pantera.
149 views 38 comments

Unleash the fury!! haha Heard a friend sing this one today and it got stuck in my head. Now it's out..

Crazy Girl

Audio Recorded by -Jay- +1 in the Style of Eli Young Band.
153 views 25 comments

Before you ever came along, I was livin' life all wrong... : )