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Comfortably Numb
Pink Floyd


Kid Rock

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Dark Horse

By -Jay- 51 Featuring -Jaded- 63 In the Style Of Katy Juicy J & Perry
109 Views 20 Comments 5+
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Are you ready for...ready for... :)

Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye

By -Jay- 51 In the Style Of The Charlie Daniels Band
118 Views 31 Comments 5+
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Where'd You Go

By -Jay- 51 In the Style Of Fort Minor & Holly Brook
80 Views 9 Comments 4
Audio Recorded


Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not

By -Jay- 51 In the Style Of Thompson Square
202 Views 25 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

For the "My Funny Valentine" Challenge... We had to include a poem using the words "hippo, funny, itchy and heart. So...


By -Jay- 51 In the Style Of Pink Floyd
153 Views 17 Comments 5+
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Where Is The Love

By -Jay- 51 In the Style Of Black Eyed Peas
127 Views 12 Comments 5+
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Some lyrics speak volumes. The backup vocals are a little loud in the chorus but it's open to anyone who wants to giv...


By -Jay- 51 Featuring Shaun 42 In the Style Of Kenny Chesney & George Strait
87 Views 16 Comments 2
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Seven to three... three to eleven.... eleven to seven. Or seven to seven in my :)


By -Jay- 51 In the Style Of Limp Bizkit
91 Views 11 Comments 5+
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By -Jay- 51 Featuring Sheila 47 In the Style Of Johnny Cash & June Carter
123 Views 23 Comments 5
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We may not have gotten married in a fever... but it was 101 degrees in Tennessee that day, so............close enough...

In The End

By -Jay- 51 Featuring -Jaded- 63 In the Style Of Linkin Park
92 Views 16 Comments 5+
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