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Holy Water

Audio Recorded by GoddessOfGrace in the Style of Big and Rich.
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Thank you for stopping by to listen!! :-)

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Audio Recorded by GoddessOfGrace in the Style of Garth Brooks.
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Challenge ~ What SingSnap means to me..... "Sometimes late at night....." ALWAYS late at night.....I can be found singing my heart out here on SingSnap! Sing Snap has done LOTS for me!! I have gained confidence in my voice, and it has taken away my shyness of sharing it with others! I am forever grateful!! :-) This song represents me, because...."late at night".....I am recording, and....very often....these songs bring memories of those I love, and so....I am singing them FOR and TO them!! God bless you Trevor, and have brought LOTS to soooo many!! ;-) Thank you for listening!! :-)

Closest Thing To Crazy

Audio Recorded by GoddessOfGrace in the Style of Katie Melua.
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Hmmm.....well.....I think I did fairly well with this song.... having NEVER heard it until last night!! :-) I have never even heard of Katie She IS an awesome singer though!!! Guess I've been too busy singing Beatles and classic rock songs, huh? lol And is MY "take 1" on this beautiful song!! Lots of room for practice and improvement..... ;-) Thanks for stopping by to listen!!

You Don't Know Me

Audio Recorded by GoddessOfGrace & tornjemray in the Style of Ray Charles & Diana Krall.
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Well.....I don't know this song very well, but....I gave it a try!! Thanks for letting me join you Ray! :-) And....thank YOU for listening!! ;-)

Mary's Boy Child

Audio Recorded by GoddessOfGrace in the Style of Country Christmas.
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Christmas? In July? But.....but I haven't even BEGUN my shopping!! LOL!! Sing Snap IS a gift...a WONDERFUL gift!! Given to me and MANY others!! This gift has brought me much joy!!! From the many times SS has "taken me away" (like on a cold dreary or lonely day, to....all the wonderful people here, learning sooooo many songs from THEM!! So many times I have heard someone sing a song that I loved, or one that I had never heard, yet would LOVE to sing also! By listening to them....I have gained courage to sing it just as well, and....sometimes even better!!!! ;-) Thank you Sing Snap....for your gift....that just keeps giving and giving with each and every day!! :-)

If I Had A Million Dollars

Audio Recorded by GoddessOfGrace & truxing 6 in the Style of Barenaked Ladies.
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Oh gosh!!! That was so much fun!! LOL Thanks Almon!!!! :-)

I Wonder

Audio Recorded by GoddessOfGrace in the Style of Kellie Pickler.
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Dear Doctor SingSnap ~ You have given me courage and faith!! :-) I have always loved to sing! I grew up singing in my church choir, and school chorus, and.... As an adult....also in my church choir! I still loved it, wasn't quite the same anymore! I had become a smoker, and....we all know how smoking affects the lungs needed to be able to belt out those notes! Plus....what it does to the vocal chords!! Long story short.......I smoked for 41 years! Shortly after I QUIT smoking....I found Sing Snap!! :-) All the years, that....I went to bars that were having karaoke and I KNEW I couldn't get up there and SING....are you kidding!?! For one....I was too shy to share my voice, and secondly....smoking had nearly taken it away!! :-( that I had quit smoking, that SS had given me courage, and faith in MYSELF....I COULD DO IT!!!! Praise God!!!!! :-) I got up there very first karaoke song was Anne Murrays, "Could I Have This Dance". I was scared to death, but....bursting with excitement inside! And THAT....Doctor Sing why I LOVE YOU!! And....I thank you from the bottom of my heart....for believing in me, and....for being HERE for me! With Love and Gratitude, GoddessOfGrace (Gracie) P.S. I am participating in my very FIRST Karaoke CONTEST this Saturday night!! :-) Wish me luck...I'll need it!! :-p Nervous...yes!!!! lol

Old Man

Audio Recorded by GoddessOfGrace in the Style of Neil Young.
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Have always lovedddddd this Neil Young song!!! Parts of it were just a little tooooo high for me, sooooo..... I had to bring in the chipmunks and improvise, just a little though! ;-) lol Thanks for listening!! :-)

Johnny Angel

Audio Recorded by GoddessOfGrace in the Style of Shelley Fabares.
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One of my favorites!! :-) THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!!


Audio Recorded by GoddessOfGrace in the Style of Len Barry.
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Fun song!! Thanks for listening!! :-)