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Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)

By Shallot 43 in the Style of Paul Lekakis
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This one fits with todays feature...and breaks me out of my slow song slump. It's a crazy little song that I remember from my early college years...peaked at #43 in 1987.

Double Vision

By Shallot 43 Featuring the-band 45 in the Style of Foreigner
191 views 2 comments 2
Audio Recorded

I can't decide whether the balance is good on this or not...decided to call it good!

The Gift

By Shallot 43 in the Style of Collin Raye
145 views 3 comments 1
Audio Recorded

Merry Christmas!

Hard To Say I'm Sorry

By Shallot 43 Featuring the-band 45 in the Style of Chicago
49 views 2 comments 3
Audio Recorded

Not sure why I decided to do this - but I tried to sing harmony with myself and it only worked in certain places :)

Take It To The Limit

By Shallot 43 in the Style of The Eagles
177 views 6 comments 3
Audio Recorded

Another song for today's feature page...hope the sound quality is OK. I wish the karaoke track would prompt you to do more vocal acrobatics at the end, but they went with the same stuff over & over. I tried...

Don't Give Up On Us

By Shallot 43 in the Style of David Soul
45 views 2 comments 1
Audio Recorded

Still testing my new microphone - this one went to #1 in 1977 for David Soul. And it fits with today's theme for the Feature page, so I did it.

Stand Tall

By Shallot 43 in the Style of Burton Cummings
49 views 0 comments
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Trying out a new microphone - not sure if this is OK or not. The song is from late 1976 & went all the way to #10 for Burton Cummings. He was also the lead singer of the Guess Who. I was very little when this was out & my siblings thought this song was called "Sand Tar." :)

Waiting For A Star To Fall

By Shallot 43 in the Style of Boy Meets Girl
77 views 2 comments
Audio Recorded

Don't know if this is OK or not...just had this song on my mind tonight. Microphone is broken so I had to revert back to my headset microphone...and with a song like this it's hard to get the balance right.

Please Come To Boston

By Shallot 43 in the Style of Dave Loggins
83 views 5 comments 1
Audio Recorded

This is one of those songs that I sang over & over when I first started going and the books were very thin. I don't pull it out too often nowadays because there's only room for so many slow songs where I go. But here I can sing as many as I want - heh! And my sister who was going with me regularly when the books were thin wanted to hear this - so here you go hon! Hope the balance is OK! Let me know if I'm too was hard to balance this out especially considering the high part at the end.

So Into You

By Shallot 43 in the Style of Atlanta Rhythm Section
77 views 3 comments 2
Audio Recorded

Such a funky little song!

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