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Shirley Bassey

Matt Monro

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Santa Lucia

By jaybeacham 57 +2 In the Style Of Standard
363 Views 7 Comments 4
Audio Recorded

Santa Lucia in German lyrics Mireille Mathieu sang. (Celebrating the return to the port at Santa Lucia) Wie Diamanten...

I Won't Forget You

By jaybeacham 57 +2 In the Style Of Jim Reeves
204 Views 4 Comments 2
Audio Recorded

"I Won't Forget You" is a single by American singer Jim Reeves. It was released in 1964 by RCA Victor and peaked at n...

What To Do

By jaybeacham 57 +2 In the Style Of Matt Monro
191 Views 5 Comments 2
Audio Recorded

Title: What to Do FRENCH: Matt Monroe's "que faire" Titre: Que faire SPANISH: Matt Monroe de «qué hacer», Título: Qué...

Farewell Angelina

By jaybeacham 57 +2 In the Style Of Joan Baez
298 Views 6 Comments 2
Audio Recorded

Farewell Angelina written by Bob Dylan 1965 What does it all mean? No clue but seems to be a man dying on a battlefie...

Begin The Beguine

By jaybeacham 57 +2 In the Style Of Julio Iglesias
266 Views 7 Comments 2
Audio Recorded

"Begin the Beguine" is a song written by Cole Porter (1891–1964). Porter composed the song between Kalabahi, Indonesi...

Everything's Beautiful (In Its Own Way)

By jaybeacham 57 +2 Featuring Cleopatra_Carfield 56 In the Style Of Willie Nelson & Dolly Parton
190 Views 27 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Dolly Parton wrote "Everything is beautiful in it's own way" even before she moved to Nashville, recorded it around 1...

I Believe In Music

By jaybeacham 57 +2 In the Style Of Mac Davis
118 Views 5 Comments 4
Audio Recorded

I Believe in Music is the second album released by singer-songwriter and actor Mac Davis, released in 1971. Morris Ma...

The Time Of Your Life

By jaybeacham 57 +2 In the Style Of A Bug's Life
309 Views 7 Comments 3
Audio Recorded

"The Time of Your Life" is a song from the 1998 film A Bug's Life, written and performed by Randy Newman. It is heard...

Here Comes Santa Claus

By jaybeacham 57 +2 In the Style Of Christmas
780 Views 72 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

I'll be there! Just be be good. "Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)" is a Christmas song written by...

Where Have All The Flowers Gone

By jaybeacham 57 +2 In the Style Of The Kingston Trio
1,039 Views 20 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Sag mir wo die Blumen sind ("Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" is a folk song. The first three verses were written by...

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