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SingSnap Original

By SuzieQ_Blu_TempT 5
80 views 6 comments 2
Video Recorded

Was told today by my boss that I needed to sing the Star Spangled Banner and O Canada in 2 weeks in front of 1500 People. I have not heard this song until today, so bare with me while I practice, I need feed back from people that know this Anthem well. Thanks :) P.S. I have had allergies ALL day that's why I am not on video, and also that is why I sound congested lol :)

Girl On Fire (Inferno Version)

By SuzieQ_Blu_TempT 5 in the Style of Alicia Keys & Nicki Minaj
392 views 7 comments 3
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Petie loves this song and really wanted me to sing it. I need ALOT of work on it, but I figured while I had gold for a couple of days I would go ahead and practice it lol. I love this song too, but I murdered it.... HAHA :)

It's Your Love

By SuzieQ_Blu_TempT 5 Featuring Nashville_Singer 35 in the Style of Tim McGraw
66 views 2 comments 1
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My Best Friend

By SuzieQ_Blu_TempT 5 in the Style of Tim McGraw
48 views 15 comments 5+
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Something was wrong with my head phones so I couldn't hear the music barely at all so I think my timing is off a bit, then I had jets flying over (God bless the USA) so this isn't that good, but it is for the love of my life and how I feel about him!! LOVE YOU BABY!! :)