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You're My World
Cilla Black

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My Confession

By -Lynette- In the Style Of Josh Groban
586 Views 230 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

~Wishing Everyone A Safe And Happy New Year~

O Holy Night

By -Lynette- Featuring Nikkie In the Style Of Josh Groban
372 Views 124 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

The Most Beautiful Christmas Hymn... Merry Christmas To All... Agi And Netty ~ ♥ ~ (Agi, you sound Amazing!)

Winter Wonderland

By -Lynette- In the Style Of Urban Christmas
574 Views 112 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

~ Open Duet ~ Please Join Me...I Love This Laid Back Version It's Actually Snowing Here Today...A Rare Treat! Happy H...

All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You

By -Lynette- In the Style Of Heart
595 Views 175 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

~ * ♥ * ~ Happy Holidays to Everyone :)

Feel Like Makin' Love

By -Lynette- In the Style Of Roberta Flack
642 Views 240 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

We've Finally Had Such Nice Spring/Summer Weather I Just Had To Sing This Song Before The Long Months Of Rain Set In :)

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

By -Lynette- In the Style Of Celine Dion
822 Views 246 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

Such A Beautiful Love Song... ~ ♥ ~ One Of The Best Ever Written...


By -Lynette- In the Style Of Josh Groban
555 Views Comments Off 5
Video Recorded

Open Duet This Is Divided Into Parts...(Lyrics Below) Sing In English Or Spanish.... Duet With Oregonwax (Bryan, Tha...


By -Lynette- In the Style Of Josh Groban
568 Views 229 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

Finally, a moment to sing :) The Music In This Version Is Just As Moving As The Lyrics...

Meet Me In Montana

By -Lynette- Featuring BigBuddha In the Style Of Marie Osmond & Dan Seals
165 Views Comments Off 1
Video Recorded

What A Fun Song To Sing... You Are Amazing On This Ralphie

Baby Come To Me

By -Lynette- Featuring Oregonwax 50 In the Style Of Patti Austin & James Ingram
158 Views 53 Comments 3
Video Recorded

Great Day To Catch Up On Some Duets... Here Ya Go Redwood :) Fun Song!

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