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Jingle Bell Rock

By Dragonflyt 32 in the Style of Bobby Helms
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Love singing Christmas tunes in July. Thanks, SingSnap!!! And now I can see why, each time my niece asks me to sing this with her, I only know the main chorus and not the rest. LOL. Thanks for stopping by!

Ring Of Fire (No Backing Vocals)

By Dragonflyt 32 in the Style of Johnny Cash
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Thanks to our SingSnap Band for this one today. New on our recording list! Now, regarding that ring of fire?.... Heh, I'm just sayin'.... You might want to have that checked out with your doctor sometime soon. Hahahaha..... And stay away from me until you do, please!

Rhythm Of The Rain

By Dragonflyt 32 in the Style of The Cascades
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Get out your galoshes and umbrella. This is soooooo saddddddddd...... Pretty sure Ricky Nelson sang this one. No? Come back my handsome buck!!!! I miss you so! Sitting here weeping...... But, yet, do I see a ray of sunshine? Yes. So much less now on my to-do list! Hahahaha.......

A Groovy Kind Of Love

By Dragonflyt 32 in the Style of The Mindbenders
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Groovy!!! Yep, I can hear you breathing in my ear..... That is you, right? Hahahaha..... Ooops, no, it's my cat, Foxy. Heh! Get off me!!!! Stop that! You're tickling me......

Say Something (for female vocal)

By Dragonflyt 32 in the Style of A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
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Reminds me of a bittersweet situation I once had, that, ultimately, righted itself and ended well. Love the lyrics and piano in this song.

Tears On My Pillow

By Dragonflyt 32 in the Style of Little Anthony And The Imperials
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It's a lovely summer day, and this song always reminds me of cool summer evenings on the dance floor.

I Could Have Danced All Night

By Dragonflyt 32 in the Style of Marni Nixon
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Dance with me?


By Dragonflyt 32 in the Style of The Sound Of Music (Movie Version)
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First choral song I ever learned ... in first grade. Although this is a group song (and for a duet, as well), please, if you feel up to it, just join on in. Would love hearing you! And it's a fun one to sing.....

Break On Through

By Dragonflyt 32 in the Style of The Doors
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Loved having me some Jim Morrison tonight. Amazing artist! Anyone with some good Doors stories out there to share?

Canadian Idiot

By Dragonflyt 32 in the Style of Weird Al Yankovic
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This is a parody by Al Yankovic. Done in 2013, if I read it correctly. About 1/3rd of my friends are, in fact, Canadian, so, please, do forgive me for choosing to sing this one today. The "aboot" in the song got me! What can I say. (Truth be told, I'd LOVE to be a Canadian. Available!!!! Just let me know which border crossing you're meeting me at, please.) LOL.