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Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam

By Dragonflyt 24 in the Style of Traditional
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This was too sweet to pass up. Never heard it before. A charming spiritual song for a child to sing. Loved the idea of being a sunbeam, so gave it a whirl!

Nowhere Man

By Dragonflyt 24 in the Style of The Beatles
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Poor Nowhere Man.... Making all his nowhere plans for nobody.....


By Dragonflyt 24 in the Style of The Blues Brothers
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A fun featured song. Love Rowdy Yates (aka Clint Eastwood), and all the other fellows on the trail, including their wonderful trail boss, Gil Favor.

Something Stupid

By Dragonflyt 24 in the Style of Michael Buble & Reese Witherspoon
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Please, join me in this duet.....

My Favorite Things - Sound Of Music

By Dragonflyt 24 in the Style of The Sound Of Music (Movie Version)
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These really ARE some of my favorite things!

The Snake

By Dragonflyt 24 in the Style of Al Wilson
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A perfect example of "no good deed goes unpunished". Hahahaha.... And, personally, I do tend to avoid talking snakes, and definitely don't feed them honey and milk either. LOL. For goodness snakes!!!!

Shut Up And Dance

By Dragonflyt 24 in the Style of Walk The Moon
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A fun one I hear on the radio a lot these days while I drive about. Gave it a whirl. I'm a bit off here and there, but don't have time for more redo's today. Thanks for giving it a listen.

Bye Bye Baby (Baby, Goodbye)

By Dragonflyt 24 in the Style of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
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Yep, ya shoulda told me!!! Heh, just taking a little spin here in my top-down orange and white T-bird while singing along with good ol' Frankie and the boys. Grew up in the countryside with not too much to do in the evenings. So, one of our greatest pleasures was belting out all the radio songs with our best friends while driving around in our cars and catching up on the day. Especially to this excellent oldie.....

You Don't Own Me

By Dragonflyt 24 in the Style of Lesley Gore
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I have a brand new appreciation for Lesley Gore. This is definitely my last song for the evening. My strained vocals chords and I are limping out of here to go get some cool water. LOL.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

By Dragonflyt 24 in the Style of Traditional
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Not sure this worked, but I then tried singing it as a "round", again in both Latin and English. Fingers crossed for success, but was difficult to tell when I harmonized.