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Ex's And Oh's

By Dragonflyt 29 in the Style of Elle King
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Fun, fun, fun!!!!

Brandy, You're A Fine Girl

By Dragonflyt 29 in the Style of Looking Glass
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Reminds me of trips to New England states in the summertime. Lovely place!

Eve Of Destruction

By Dragonflyt 29 in the Style of Barry McGuire
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Contrary to the title, NO, I don't believe we're on the Eve of Destruction, regardless of everything in the news right now. This song, if I remember right, was written during the Vietnam War. Loved it then. Love it now. So I had to sing it when I saw it on Featured.

You Can't Hurry Love

By Dragonflyt 29 in the Style of The Supremes
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Dedicating this to my fabulous school friend, Roseanne P. I know she's still dancing and singing to this excellent song! It's a classic. She's who taught me line dancing when I slept over at her place one night so that we could watch a horror movie together. Something about a guy with a second head growing out of his shoulder. Tres creepy. Hahahahaha..... A memorable evening for sure.

Dead Man's Party

By Dragonflyt 29 in the Style of Oingo Boingo
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Per Before he wrote half the soundtracks in the world (Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Batman, The Nightmare Before Christmas) Danny Elfman led himself an eccentric little rock band called Oingo Boingo. Actually they weren't so little; in fact, the eight-man band boasted one of rock's finest horn sections in addition to Elfman's devilishly good, often humorous songs. Dead Man's Party is Boingo's finest hour, melding their whacked-out mix of XTC, Frank Zappa, and Tower of Power with a genuine pop sensibility. Elfman is in perfect vocal form, leading the combo through their biggest hit, "Weird Science" (which put Elfman on the soundtrack path) as well as Boingo chestnuts "Fool's Paradise" and the infectious, macabre title track. --Michael Ruby

In The Mood

By Dragonflyt 29 in the Style of Traditional
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Who's that living body with the beautiful eyes???!!!??? Michael? Your name's Michael? Hahahaha..... I did this for a SingSnap friend of mine, Michael, who's recuperating, as we speak, from surgery. He's now appears to be getting feisty as he recuperates (a sure sign of improvement) and I'm trying to entertain him a bit by singing this song. In actuality, it is HE and not ME who is supposed to be singing this.


By Dragonflyt 29 in the Style of New Christy Minstrels
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Me and me merry minstrels are out on a picnic today!!! Plenty of fragrant food and drink for all. Come. Join us.

Ho Hey

By Dragonflyt 29 in the Style of The Lumineers
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Hey ho, All. Join in. Fun song to sing. Or just sing along with me on the chorus. I've always enjoyed this song because it's a mix of a capella chorus (highlighting notes to the song) along with an acoustic guitar. Pretty sure that's what's going on. My opinion only. Lots of transitions, which makes it challenging, and fun too.

Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam

By Dragonflyt 29 in the Style of Traditional
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This was too sweet to pass up. Never heard it before. A charming spiritual song for a child to sing. Loved the idea of being a sunbeam, so gave it a whirl!

Nowhere Man

By Dragonflyt 29 in the Style of The Beatles
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Poor Nowhere Man.... Making all his nowhere plans for nobody.....