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Bad Girlfriend

By a_god_s 106 +1 In the Style Of Theory of a Deadman
4 Views 2 Comments 1
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Thanks Voice0587 for this upload! Shirl, what about this one? get the pole ready for some dancing!! LOL

Something In Your Mouth

By a_god_s 106 +1 In the Style Of Nickelback
3 Views 3 Comments 1
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Same deal about you (or Toni) dancing! LOL

Live, Laugh, Love

By a_god_s 106 +1 In the Style Of Clay Walker
25 Views 25 Comments 5+
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Irish accent? Nope not me :P (seriously I tried!!) Happy St. Patrick's Day y'all! Be Safe!


By a_god_s 106 +1 In the Style Of Newsboys
13 Views 14 Comments 4
Audio Recorded

My lucky day was rescuing Enzo... or did he rescue me? Either way... that was my lucky day! CurlyShirley helped me fi...

Somebody Needs A Hug

By a_god_s 106 +1 In the Style Of Keith Anderson
86 Views 28 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

Enzo can be hard to see but he is great for hugging! Normally I can't keep him outta my vids! LOL

What I Like About You

By a_god_s 106 +1 In the Style Of The Romantics
26 Views 10 Comments 5+
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Chillin' watch a movie or cutting the rug ... as long as you with someone/people you love, its all good. Once the sun...

2 Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Cr...

By a_god_s 106 +1 Featuring FacebookMusician 23 In the Style Of Splodgenessabounds
20 Views 6 Comments 3
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On our Blind Date, we decided to meet in a pub and tip a few back but we felt it best to remain anonymous. So may I i...


By a_god_s 106 +1 In the Style Of Goo Goo Dolls
21 Views 10 Comments 5
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My Poem When life Sucks and threatens to ruin your Happy vibes Come to SingSnap where Music thrives. Fun is meeting n...


By a_god_s 106 +1 In the Style Of Def Leppard
58 Views 12 Comments 5
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Many thanks to Bob-S for this upload <3 It was hard to get the Squirrel Band together on such short notice but the...

Calling Dr. Love

By a_god_s 106 +1 In the Style Of Kiss
18 Views 6 Comments 3
Audio Recorded

I was so excited to see that Waterbird Woman was my Snapentine!! She is super talented, gorgeous and lives in one of ...