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Sunrise, Sunset

Video Recorded
By LaCousine +3 & Midnightman65
In the Style of Fiddler On The R...
24 views 20 comments

I live such a sheltered life. I heard this song for the first time last summer when I went to see a live production of Fiddler On the Roof at Stratford, Ont.


Audio Recorded
By LaCousine +3 & -ErinBlue-
In the Style of The Beatles
37 views 16 comments

So many great things in this song: the guitar, the birds, the melody....Erin!

To Make You Feel My Love

Audio Recorded
By LaCousine +3 & chuckcharlie
In the Style of Adele
35 views 7 comments

When I heard Charles sing this, I thought: "Oh, I just have to sing the melody and it will be like I'm singing harmony". But as I worked on the timing, the line between melody & harmony started to blur (it had NOTHING to do with the wine). Now I'm not sure what part I'm singing. It's been a wonderful challenge and I'm almost sorry to post it because I've so enjoyed singing along with Charles' unique melody, er, harmony (?). Besides, I don't think I could sing that high one more time.

You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

Audio Recorded
By LaCousine +3 & genomad
In the Style of Dusty Springfield
36 views 11 comments

Mad, mad Geno.....thinks we would sound good together. Perhaps he's not so crazy!

When I Need You

Audio Recorded
By LaCousine +3 & jppowers +12
In the Style of Will Mellor
24 views 16 comments

Jp & I exchanged late 70 memories about this song. Mine involved a man. His involved ... food... because that Danish babe was a great cook.

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Audio Recorded
By LaCousine +3 & KellyAnne4Peace +32
In the Style of Joan Baez
46 views 17 comments

KellyAnne is the very best Sing Snap Seventies Singer.


Audio Recorded
By LaCousine +3 & CroonMan
In the Style of Lionel Richie
48 views 24 comments

Roger is my absolute favourite duet partner. Not that anyone could tell.

(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be...

Audio Recorded
By LaCousine +3
In the Style of Luther Ingram
31 views 20 comments

A bit of uncertainty - but it fits the theme of the song.

Rainy Days And Mondays

Audio Recorded
By LaCousine +3 & Mellow3311
In the Style of The Carpenters
48 views 13 comments

When Mervin first came onto Sing Snap in 2011, he was an instant favourite - and no wonder....just listen to his powerful melodies. It didn't take long for me to do a duet with him (Tennessee Waltz). Even though I listen to him all the time, I haven't sang with him in awhile. Well, I'm making up for that here. This is a wonderful song that offers lots of harmony and with Mervin leading the way, it wasn't hard to put it together. By the way, Mervin is quite good at harmony himself.

Touch Me In The Morning

Audio Recorded
By LaCousine +3
In the Style of Diana Ross
44 views 18 comments

Whew, I usually have trouble with the melody, not the rhythm.