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I'll Be Back

Audio Recorded by LaCousine +1 +4 in the Style of The Beatles.
5 views 2 comments

It's Going To Take Some Time

Audio Recorded by LaCousine +1 +4 in the Style of The Carpenters.
29 views 23 comments

Is there a Carpenters' song I don't like? Highly doubt it.


Audio Recorded by LaCousine +1 +4 & AdamFisher in the Style of Travis Tritt.
17 views 12 comments

What a great & simple melody that Adam has put forth here.

Come Sail Away

Video Recorded by LaCousine +1 +4 & -ErinBlue- in the Style of Styx.
33 views 19 comments

I could hear the harmony to this song in my head. And I could hear Erin singing the melody. I asked her, and even though she found it a difficult song, she agreed to sing it for me. What a friend.

I'm A Believer

Audio Recorded by LaCousine +1 +4 in the Style of Smash Mouth.
19 views 12 comments

Listen carefully and you can hear the 60s hit 'Wipeout' in this song. (during the brief musical interlude after the second chorus)

Baby's In Black

Audio Recorded by LaCousine +1 +4 in the Style of The Beatles.
10 views 5 comments

I can't believe how long it's been since I've sung anything. In order to work up the chops, I thought I would do a simple Beatles harmony. Turns out that I had such a hard time singing the melody. The only way I could do it (and that's pure speculation on my part) was to sing the harmony first. Perhaps I should practice melodies for a while. (HA! How long will THAT last?)

Can't Help Falling In Love

Audio Recorded by LaCousine +1 +4 & bigray62 in the Style of Elvis Presley.
34 views 20 comments

You'd think I spoke French eh? Je ne parle pas. Mais.....I understood enough to know that Rheal wanted me to join him on his 'tres belle chanson'. C'est vrai?

Who'll Stop The Rain

Audio Recorded by LaCousine +1 +4 & annalea in the Style of Creedence Clearwater Revival.
16 views 8 comments

My Eyes Adored You

Audio Recorded by LaCousine +1 +4 in the Style of Frankie Valli.
30 views 19 comments

Now that Jersey Boys movie is out, we're going to hear a lot of this.

By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Audio Recorded by LaCousine +1 +4 & tchild1313 in the Style of Glen Campbell.
16 views 4 comments

Friday the 13th turned out to be my lucky day. This was the second wonderful vocalist singing a really good song that I found on the same day.