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The Rose

By LaCousine 9 Featuring catbirdskitten 20 in the Style of Bette Midler
24 views 6 comments 5+
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There Is No Arizona

By LaCousine 9 in the Style of Jamie O'Neal
11 views 4 comments 3
Audio Recorded

Chapel Of Love

By LaCousine 9 in the Style of The Dixie Cups
34 views 10 comments 5
Audio Recorded

Just trying to get back into my thing.

Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

By LaCousine 9 in the Style of Linda Ronstadt
9 views 9 comments 2
Audio Recorded

This is Linda Ronstadt's melody with Ella Fitzgerald's lyrics. I call it "After the Love".

How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) ...

By LaCousine 9 in the Style of James Taylor
42 views 28 comments 5+
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Happy Anniversary Chris. Can you forgive me for not remembering to tell you that this morning?

Just The Two Of Us

By LaCousine 9 Featuring Nalbanygal 10 in the Style of Bill Withers
19 views 3 comments 1
Audio Recorded

I did this song with Joanne a couple of years back. Hah, she sang it again and I joined her again. It must be a compulsion.

I'll Be Back

By LaCousine 9 in the Style of The Beatles
22 views 10 comments 4
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It's Going To Take Some Time

By LaCousine 9 in the Style of The Carpenters
36 views 27 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Is there a Carpenters' song I don't like? Highly doubt it.


By LaCousine 9 Featuring -Adam- +1 +8 in the Style of Travis Tritt
19 views 12 comments 3
Audio Recorded

What a great & simple melody that Adam has put forth here.

I'm A Believer

By LaCousine 9 in the Style of Smash Mouth
23 views 12 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Listen carefully and you can hear the 60s hit 'Wipeout' in this song. (during the brief musical interlude after the second chorus)