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Hard To Say I'm Sorry

By ash444 Featuring RubenG 56 In the Style Of Chicago
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Well always loved Chicago but when i heard this amazing man sing this as a duet i had to give it a try ,,, Hope i did...

I Just Wanna Stop

By ash444 Featuring TOLERANCEOFZERO +8 In the Style Of Gino Vannelli
15 Views 2 Comments
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Nobody Loves Me Like You Do

By ash444 Featuring Dave1970 66 In the Style Of Anne Murray & Dave Loggins
22 Views Comments Off
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Found this beautiful voice this evening and had to join :) I hope its ok xox


By ash444 In the Style Of The Corrs
62 Views 6 Comments 3
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Thank you Em for the song ,,

The Best

By ash444 In the Style Of Tina Turner
36 Views 3 Comments 4
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Had to take it down one throat still not ready for this one ,,,

Some Days You Gotta Dance

By ash444 In the Style Of Dixie Chicks
23 Views Comments Off
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Let 'er Rip

By ash444 In the Style Of Dixie Chicks
39 Views 2 Comments 3
Audio Recorded

Had a sweet person req this song ,, so thankful for it just a fun tune :)

Break In

By ash444 In the Style Of Halestorm
25 Views Comments Off 3
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Get Here (Acoustic)

By ash444 Featuring Sethi_Beheomet 64 In the Style Of Oleta Adams
57 Views 3 Comments 1
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Jesus this woman can sing :) Had to join you on this i hope you dont mind my friend

Written In The Stars

By ash444 Featuring wonkim00 +1 In the Style Of Elton John
48 Views 3 Comments 2
Audio Recorded

Wow ask a guy to sing a song and he blows it out of the water ,, Thank you for doing this song , wow you have a beaut...