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Puppet Man

By Allright 2 In the Style Of Tom Jones
334 Views 32 Comments
Video Recorded

For my hebibeh.. Just having fun with this kitsch song and maraccas (as usual).. A redo to use the necessary pitch co...

Nights In White Satin

By Allright 2 In the Style Of The Moody Blues
519 Views 30 Comments
Video Recorded

. Dedicated to my hebibeh, and her eyes :o)

Mary Jane's Last Dance

By Allright 2 In the Style Of Tom Petty
419 Views 19 Comments
Video Recorded

Today's feature! Just trying this funny song.. With my mix of accents and fake accents, it is even funnier :oD Pheww....

Hotel California

By Allright 2 In the Style Of Eagles
383 Views 21 Comments
Video Recorded

For the Heavy Rock Challenge. I know it is not heavy but I sang with training weights in my pockets ;o)

All Right Now

By Allright 2 In the Style Of Free
498 Views 16 Comments
Video Recorded

Right!! My name, my song.. All right now :oP I goofed with the maracca in the guitar solo :o| PS: This song is the on...

No Excuses

By Allright 2 In the Style Of Alice In Chains
367 Views 11 Comments
Video Recorded

When I record too late I have to be careful or the neighbors call the police ;o).. So Couldn't really listen with the...

My Sweet Lord

By Allright 2 In the Style Of George Harrison
602 Views 22 Comments
Video Recorded

About and for my hebibeh.. Her eyes touch me like no others ever had :o) I improvised as much as I could here but I c...

Quando Quando Quando

By Allright 2 In the Style Of Engelbert Humperdinck
258 Views 14 Comments
Video Recorded

For Hebibeh: My plastic maracca and me having fun celebrating my joy :oP


By Allright 2 In the Style Of The Beatles
405 Views 35 Comments
Video Recorded

Your smiling eyes are on my mind bibeh, so this song is so fitting my mood :o)

Stop Draggin' My Heart Around

By Allright 2 Featuring TheCableGirl In the Style Of Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
401 Views 12 Comments
Video Recorded

A duet with my hebibeh.. I love you so much and of course I promise I won't "drag this sweet heart of yours around".

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