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Baby Come To Me

By Mel-Disco-Queen 28 in the Style of Regina Belle
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Because I was "begged" to do this.... hahaha *** Just for you Frank aka ( dude_GOLD ) **So here goes the story of this song (I like to think).... **This is a love song about a woman who is madly in love with her beloved husband... away.... serving his country..... and on a cold night... after talking to him on the video chat.. she was overtaken by amorous love and affection for him..... asking him to "come on home to me". She is a good wife.... holding on and waiting for the man whom she adores and turns her on..... I know several women in this very situation.... and I honor and bow to them for their true love... patience and holding on to the precious love that God sanctioned and blessed at the alter..... [color=purple]Hang on ladies.... and keep praying.... God bless you all. <3 Mel

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

By Mel-Disco-Queen 28 Featuring GlennF 35 in the Style of Michael McDonald
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If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Wanna ...

By Mel-Disco-Queen 28 Featuring Chuck_H 3 in the Style of Rod Stewart
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A MESSAGE FROM SWEETNOTE: RIP ***We have lost a great friend and a huge talent. Chuck Herrmann has gone to claim his spot in the Angel Band. In honor of Chuck I am planning on doing a tribute show dedicated to him, his family and friends (((May 17th starting at 2PM PDT))). I would love to have those of you who have sung with Chuck to send me links, or the vids so I can use them for the show. I encourage each friend to make their own tribute song or word video for the celebration of Chuck's life. My email is Let's join together in remembering the life of a man whose life touched us all. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FROM Melody Dawn ***Many of us have loved and sung with Chuck for several years... this is one of mine and his favorite things to do together... he sings his heart out while old Mel hooks him..... I did it on many of his songs during my live shows I used to have also... He was magnificent in this one.... I miss you Chuck... RIP. SWAK Mel

The Morning After

By Mel-Disco-Queen 28 Featuring MLP in the Style of Maze & Frankie Beverley
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Let Me Be Your Angel

By Mel-Disco-Queen 28 in the Style of Tiffany Evans
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When I heard my sister BABS do this... ( AKA: Loving_heart)... I could NOT resist harmonizing with her beautiful piece..... I have had a really rotten year... even 2 years..... so I lost most of my MOJO to do anything, much less SING. But God led me to Barbara.... and told me to do this.... and now my SOUL feels 100% better. <3 He really works in mysterious ways! :) Lov you girl! God bless you. Her page:

If I Ruled The World

By Mel-Disco-Queen 28 in the Style of Luther Vandross
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I am HONORED and PRIVILEGED to collaborate with International Recording Artist 'CHET FORTUNE', on this VERY MUCH LOVED cover of the famous classic song by Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn: "IF THIS WORLD WERE MINE" Chet and I discovered we had crossed paths over 30 years ago, while on tours in the Far East, there at the SAME TIME, SAME CITY, but never meeting until NOW! :O Never too late to make amazing music! :) I love this song... (even though SINGSNAP got the title all wrong!) :\ And I am so proud and humbled he asked me to join him! Thought I'd combine some of our old photos of the glory days we both had.... :) Thank you all for your listens! God bless you all SWAK Mel

I've Got You Under My Skin

By Mel-Disco-Queen 28 Featuring MLP in the Style of Diana Krall
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Loved playing around with this and joining my buddy MLP. Just love this kind of stuff! :) SWAK to my Jazz master. <3

Back Together Again

By Mel-Disco-Queen 28 Featuring DarkGable 28 in the Style of Roberta Flack & Donny Hatherway
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You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine

By Mel-Disco-Queen 28 Featuring MLP in the Style of Michael Bublé
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Heard this today with my dear darling WIND EXPERT= MLP-- and wanted to throw it out there! Only version I did 7 nights a week was the original Lou Rawls back in the day.... ***SO GLAD people are finding other ways to do this... THIS IS SO DREAMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWAK luv ya!


By Mel-Disco-Queen 28 in the Style of Pharrell Williams
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I adore this little kicking tune! Added my own touches and backgrounds to it.... it needed MORE choir! :) heh Dedicated to the people that make me happy..... <3