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Baby Come To Me

By Mel-Disco-Queen 33 in the Style of Regina Belle
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Because I was "begged" to do this.... hahaha *** Just for you Frank aka ( dude_GOLD ) **So here goes the story of this song (I like to think).... **This is a love song about a woman who is madly in love with her beloved husband... away.... serving his country..... and on a cold night... after talking to him on the video chat.. she was overtaken by amorous love and affection for him..... asking him to "come on home to me". She is a good wife.... holding on and waiting for the man whom she adores and turns her on..... I know several women in this very situation.... and I honor and bow to them for their true love... patience and holding on to the precious love that God sanctioned and blessed at the alter..... [color=purple]Hang on ladies.... and keep praying.... God bless you all. <3 Mel

The Morning After

By Mel-Disco-Queen 33 Featuring MLP +1 in the Style of Maze & Frankie Beverley
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