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What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

By MsRandee +5 in the Style of Harry Connick Jr.
77 views 57 comments 5+
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I've always loved singing this song. My final song of 2015'.... Wishing each of you a "New 2016 Year"..Filled with happiness, wealth, love and joy. But, most of all good health. Looking forward to another beautiful year of friendship. Huggie'wuggies'....Ran

Gone Out Of My Mind

By MsRandee +5 Featuring canadian_country +49 +4 in the Style of Doug Stone
78 views 69 comments 5+
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Let It Be Me

By MsRandee +5 in the Style of Jackson Browne & Timothy Schmit
101 views 60 comments 5+
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(Open Duet) Always liked this song'... thank you for stopping by. Merry Christmas & Huggie'wuggies....Ran

Hello Again

By MsRandee +5 Featuring MLP +3 +18 in the Style of Neil Diamond
57 views 60 comments 5+
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"Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays" my sweet friends'... I've been listening to a lot of wonderful singers today and this evening. What a joy it is to be able to sit down and listen. I sang some songs today and this one, that I couldn't pass up after hearing MLP play his magic. But my lungs can't do another song for awhile. Heart just doesn't beat enough blood to my body that needs it the most. I'll do my best to get online and listen'.. my energy level isn't what it use to be. But' Praise The Lord'... I'm still here enjoying life. Thank you for your loving support and thoughts and prayers... I want to wish each of you a beautiful New Year... may it bring love, happiness and joy and blessings and good health...and miracles. I love my Singsnap family. It's been a blessing to me since 2007. I want to personally thank each of you for bringing smiles to me. This year has been a rough year for me'....and looking so forward to a brand New Year! God'bless you'.... Big Huggie'wuggies, Ran

Baby, It's Cold Outside

By MsRandee +5 in the Style of Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews
54 views 30 comments 5+
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"Open Duet".... this is always a fun song to sing! " Merry Christmas" from the ranch'... Thank you for stopping by, the fireplace is going, there are yummy foods over on the yourself. Watch out for the eggnog'...giggles...and the punch is yummy also. Hoilday'Huggie'wuggies to you my friends'... Ran

Do You Hear What I Hear?

By MsRandee +5 in the Style of Anne Murray
31 views 20 comments 5+
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Always been one of my favorite Christmas songs'.... " Merry Christmas" from the Ranch'..... Thank you for stopping by'..... big huggie'wuggies' to you.... Ran

Blue Christmas

By MsRandee +5 in the Style of Country Christmas
33 views 24 comments 5+
Video Recorded

Merry Christmas from the Ranch! I've always liked this song'...had troubles in areas of song--kinda ran out of air'...heart verses lungs...sometimes. Smiles But, gave it a shot'.....giggles. Hoilday Huggie'wuggies' Ran Dedicated to my Aunt Judy, who introduced us kiddos to Elvis'...

I Love How You Love Me

By MsRandee +5 in the Style of Bobby Vinton
22 views 25 comments 5+
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A nice love song'.... simple and to the point'.... " Thank You" for stopping by..... Huggie'wuggies' Ran

She Don't Love You

By MsRandee +5 in the Style of Eric Paslay
133 views 99 comments 5+
Video Recorded

A new song for me... Gender-Bender.... Thank you for stopping by...I'll be seeing you in your music studio! Have a blissful & beautiful week. Huggie'wuggies, Ran

You Caught Me At A Bad Time

By MsRandee +5 in the Style of Toby Keith
139 views 86 comments 5+
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~~~~~ <3 ~~~~~ Yup' you caught me at a bad time'...another tear'jerker'... Thank you for stopping by the ranch'.... I'll be seeing you in your studio's... Huggie'wuggies' Ran ~~~~~ <3 ~~~~~