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This Christmas Prayer

By MsRandee +2 Featuring Highway69 in the Style of Steve Wariner
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John, thank you for doing this song'... It really touched me. I wanted to join you on this special song. Dedicated to all the beautiful children in the world. I pray our Father in heaven watches over and guides and protect these precious children and keep them safe from evil and harm and found those that care. Amen'... Thank you, for stopping by.. Merry Christmas from the ranch to your home' and hearts. Huggie'wuggies' Ran

Baby, It's Cold Outside

By MsRandee +2 in the Style of Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews
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Howdy From The Ranch! Yes' it's nearly that time again.. " Open Duet"... first time for me to sing this song'... it's really a cute song'. Keep warm & safe during the holidays. "Merry Christmas" Huggie'wuggies'...Ran

Mary Did You Know

By MsRandee +2 in the Style of Helen Cornelius
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Howdy From The Ranch! One of my favorite Christmas songs! Another one that I know by heart. Thank you for stopping by... Thoughts and Prayers to those that are getting hit by 2014 winter storms. News say we'll get it next week. Brrrrrrrrr..... Keep warm & safe. " Happy Thanksgiving"... I'm thankful for all my sweet friends here in SSville.. Such blessings! Big Huggie'wuggies, Ran See you in your studio!!

A Bad Goodbye

By MsRandee +2 in the Style of Clint Black & Wynonna Judd
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*OPEN DUET* Beautiful song'... Thank you for stopping by.... see you in your studio :) Huggie'wuggies' Ran

It Could've Been So Good

By MsRandee +2 in the Style of Collin Raye
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"A Big Howdy From The Ranch" I really liked this song'... kinda know the words by heart. With my eye sight leaving me. It's getting harder and harder to see words that doesn't look blurry. Thank you for dropping by. Those that has been hit by the winter storms, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Huggie'wuggies, Ran

The Reason Why

By MsRandee +2 in the Style of Vince Gill
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It's starting to turn fall colors here at the ranch' it's beautiful!!! Thank you for stopping by....good to see you my sweet friend'... Looking forward to visiting your music studio'....have a beautiful day.. Huggie'wuggies' Ran

I Got You Babe

By MsRandee +2 in the Style of Sonny & Cher
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Howdy from the ranch... :) As of a week ago, I was told by the eye surgeon that I have Glaucoma. My optic-nerves in both eyes are severely damaged. Due to the last couple of years of high blood pressure. Also contribution of the heart not working good. It seems I'll be going completely blind. So, until that happens (anytime or several months) I'm going to try and sing as many of my favorite songs. I want to thank each of you for your thoughts & prayers, for they have certainly been answered. For I'm still here, and have been placed back on the heart transplant list. So, which ever comes first.... I'll accept and learn to adapt. At the moment my eyes hurt..and reading up close it getting hard to do. So, if you see me listening and there is a < assure I totally enjoyed my time with you. I can click's the typing that is getting hard to do. Reason comments are off. Just hit my little <3 button...:) Huggie'wuggies, Ran

What If I Said

By MsRandee +2 Featuring Montanacowboy in the Style of Anita Cochran & Steve Wariner
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What If I'm Right

By MsRandee +2 in the Style of Shane Stockton
35 views 77 comments 5+
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"What If I'm Right"...a gender bender. Just discovered this artist. Thank you for stopping by. Make your'self at home... fridge is full with goodies... fireplace is cracklin'....and Singsnap is on the radio'...Tippin' my cowgirl hat at cha' and winks.. Big huggie'wuggies, Ran

A Soft Place To Fall

By MsRandee +2 in the Style of Allison Moorer
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This has to be my all time favorite scene in a country movie. "The Horse Whisperer" is my favorite movie. I love the romance between Tom and Annie. I'm up with the crud'... which my employee's gracefully shared with me. I watch "The Horse Whisperer" the other night. Wrote a note to myself to record it. My video techniques is less to be desired, but learning. Thank you for dropping's always wonderful to see good friends ....Grab'a sit and vist , the fireplace is going and there is food and drinks in the fridge ~ help yourself.... Big huggie'wuggies' Ran