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I Got You Babe

Video Recorded by MsRandee in the Style of Sonny & Cher.
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Howdy from the ranch... :) As of a week ago, I was told by the eye surgeon that I have Glaucoma. My optic-nerves in both eyes are severely damaged. Due to the last couple of years of high blood pressure. Also contribution of the heart not working good. It seems I'll be going completely blind. So, until that happens (anytime or several months) I'm going to try and sing as many of my favorite songs. I want to thank each of you for your thoughts & prayers, for they have certainly been answered. For I'm still here, and have been placed back on the heart transplant list. So, which ever comes first.... I'll accept and learn to adapt. At the moment my eyes hurt..and reading up close it getting hard to do. So, if you see me listening and there is a < assure I totally enjoyed my time with you. I can click's the typing that is getting hard to do. Reason comments are off. Just hit my little <3 button...:) Huggie'wuggies, Ran

What If I Said

Video Recorded by MsRandee & Montanacowboy in the Style of Anita Cochran & Steve Wariner.
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What If I'm Right

Video Recorded by MsRandee in the Style of Shane Stockton.
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"What If I'm Right"...a gender bender. Just discovered this artist. Thank you for stopping by. Make your'self at home... fridge is full with goodies... fireplace is cracklin'....and Singsnap is on the radio'...Tippin' my cowgirl hat at cha' and winks.. Big huggie'wuggies, Ran

A Soft Place To Fall

Video Recorded by MsRandee in the Style of Allison Moorer.
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This has to be my all time favorite scene in a country movie. "The Horse Whisperer" is my favorite movie. I love the romance between Tom and Annie. I'm up with the crud'... which my employee's gracefully shared with me. I watch "The Horse Whisperer" the other night. Wrote a note to myself to record it. My video techniques is less to be desired, but learning. Thank you for dropping's always wonderful to see good friends ....Grab'a sit and vist , the fireplace is going and there is food and drinks in the fridge ~ help yourself.... Big huggie'wuggies' Ran

Because I Love You

Video Recorded by MsRandee in the Style of Shakin' Stevens.
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Howdy from the ranch....This song makes alot of sense to me.... I just discovered it awhile back. Thought I would sing it.... ..... thanks for dropping by.. I'll return the favor'... Have a Sweet week!... Huggie'wuggies, Ran Whoohooo' I'm in the SUPERSTAR SHOWCASE! Thank each of you that voted me in..... :) Happy Happy Joy Joy..... :)

The Wedding Song (There Is Love)

Video Recorded by MsRandee in the Style of Paul Stookey.
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For Jason and Bridgette ( My Niece) --Getting Married in Vegas in May.... 28th!!! Love ya both.....Aunt Randee Note: They did it!!!! Congrats :) Sweetest couple I've had the honor to know. Comment by Bskaggs3026 on May 21 at 12:39am Absolutely loved this. Music has always been what gets me through happy, sad, silly or mad times. This touched my heart and means so so much to us. It was beautiful Aunt Ran. I love you so very much.

I May Hate Myself In The Morning

Video Recorded by MsRandee in the Style of Lee Ann Womack.
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Thanks for dropping by :) Huggie'wuggies, Ran Released: 8-31-14

I'm Not Strong Enough To Say No

Audio Recorded by MsRandee in the Style of Blackhawk.
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I've always liked this song, and heard it on the radio' and had it in my head...been humming it most of the I had to sing it. Just to get it out of my Thank you for stopping by....tons of Huggie'wuggies, Ran

Softly And Tenderly

Video Recorded by MsRandee in the Style of Alan Jackson.
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I remember my grandmother singing this song... it was one of her favorites...I love it'....even tho I've been saved. I can hear this song and still head down to the altar. God'bless forever and a'day.... Huggie'wuggies, Ran (Note: Re-released on 8-31-14)

When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder

Video Recorded by MsRandee in the Style of Loretta Lynn.
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"When the roll is called up yonder"....I'll be there! Amen! Thank you for stopping by, you are welcome to join me.... Have a beautiful day, God bless forever and a'day... Huggie'wuggies, Ran (Note: Re-released 8-31-14)