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In The Garden

By MsRandee in the Style of Loretta Lynn
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This is dedicated to my precious Aunt Arcina'..... some know her as Gayle. They have placed her in hospice' and she's waiting for the Lord to call her home'... Her journey is almost over and what a reunion with her seven siblings and her parents'... Praise The Lord! Huggie'wuggies' Ran

As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone

By MsRandee in the Style of Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty
42 views 24 comments 5+
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"Open Duet" I was raised listening to Conway and MsLoretta'.... loved them then' love'em now'. Thank you for stopping by''s always good to see your prints on my page. I'll be visiting your music studio'...indeedy! Have a awesome moment'.... Huggie'wuggies' Ran

Bad Timing (No Backing Vocals)

By MsRandee in the Style of Blue Rodeo
123 views 140 comments 5+
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I just heard this song'...and wanted to try it'... I love the words.. guess so many can relate to them'.... Thank you for dropping by..... see you in your studio'.. Have a beautiful weekend'.... Huggie'wuggies' Ran


By MsRandee in the Style of Johnny Mathis
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Beautiful song' thought I'd try it.... Thank you so much for dropping by :) "Happy Easter" to each and everyone one of you'.... Big huggie'wuggies, Ran

Where Do I Go To Start All Over

By MsRandee in the Style of Wade Hayes
50 views 63 comments 5+
Video Recorded

Bought this Wade Hayes cd this past week.... it' was awesome'. This song was on it'....Kinda fell inlove with it'... Thank you for stopping by''s always good to see ya'...I'll be seeing you in your music'studio'.... Big huggie'wuggies' Ran

It Turns Me Inside Out

By MsRandee Featuring skinnykenny55 23 in the Style of Lee Greenwood
125 views 71 comments 5+
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Love Hurts

By MsRandee Featuring king2 3 in the Style of The Everly Brothers
28 views 15 comments 5+
Video Recorded

Duets With Friends: Elvis'...thank you for leaving this song open''s a awesome song'...One of my favorites'.... was in the mood tonight to sing duets with friends that sung with me'.. in the past'.... long over due'.... you did a awesome performance'... Huggie'wuggies' and thank you for stopping by my friends'.. Elvis & Ran

It's A Heartache

By MsRandee Featuring Sally_K in the Style of Bonnie Tyler
45 views 22 comments 5+
Video Recorded

Duets with Friends: Hiya Sal'.... Saw this song' and wanted to sing it with you'....One of my favorites songs'... Hope you don't mind'.... was in the mood tonight for duets'..... Your so pretty'...and I look like I came in from mucking' twenty horse stalls...LOL enjoy singing with ya'.... Thanks for stopping by'..... Huggie'wuggies....Sally and Ran We had some very lovely ladies to join us on this song'. Yay' this is fun!! FancyFair_1 Rosie66-

On The Dark Side

By MsRandee Featuring KellyAnne4Peace 59 6 in the Style of John Cafferty
32 views 27 comments 5+
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What If I Said

By MsRandee Featuring blueyedman_01 20 in the Style of Anita Cochran & Steve Wariner
26 views 7 comments 5
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