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In The Year 2525

By LindaMP3x96 49 In the Style Of Zager & Evans
14 Views 11 Comments 5
Audio Recorded

Ha ha ha HERE's one you don't see/hear every day! Well, we did back in "my day". lol (This is from 1969). An old fr...

He'll Have To Go

By LindaMP3x96 49 In the Style Of Jim Reeves
43 Views 32 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Now HERE's a classic! Goes WAYYYYY back but saw it on the FEATURE! Figured, what the heck... It's a cool song. I'm ...

God Bless America

By LindaMP3x96 49 In the Style Of Standard
26 Views 24 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

A fairly 'standard' song, but I thought it appropriate for today, the 15th anniversary of 911. I tried to do a little...

I'll Get Over You

By LindaMP3x96 49 In the Style Of Crystal Gayle
30 Views 34 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

OK, in case you didn't notice, I wasn't here this weekend. Oh, you didn't, did you !! lol Well, we were gone camping....

Somebody's Knockin'

By LindaMP3x96 49 In the Style Of Terri Gibbs
48 Views 29 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

4 da FEATURE ! ! ! Not the song I came to do, but that one isn't on here ( ~sigh~ ) so I poked through the country s...

Save Your Heart For Me

By LindaMP3x96 49 In the Style Of Gary Lewis & The Playboys
44 Views 33 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Going way back 'in the day' for this one. High skool, actually. lol (yes, I know how it's supposed to be spelled. I'm...

Mack The Knife

By LindaMP3x96 49 In the Style Of Bobby Darin
61 Views 42 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

FEATURE FUN!!! I know I've done this before, but it's been a longggg time. The other songs I tried I could not get p...


By LindaMP3x96 49 In the Style Of Sylvia
59 Views 40 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Been waiting (im)patiently for today to do this one. (Actually I heard it on the radio earlier this week and decided ...

All I Ask Of You

By LindaMP3x96 49 Featuring JohnTexas 60 +1 In the Style Of Cliff Richard & Sarah Brightman
52 Views 29 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

Well THIS wasn't one of my brightest ideas... I'm just a sucker for Phantom so I'm going out on a limb... I thought ...

Jambalaya (On The Bayou)

By LindaMP3x96 49 In the Style Of Hank Williams
49 Views 47 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

JAMBALAYA !!!! :-P I made some this weekend. If you're with me on F/B you saw the picture... I don't know how to put...