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Big Yellow Taxi

By Cinnamon1965 107 In the Style Of Joni Mitchell
297 Views 26 Comments 5
Video Recorded

SSFB Challenge (love this song)

I Enjoy Being A Girl

By Cinnamon1965 107 In the Style Of Flower Drum Song (Broadway Version)
296 Views 56 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Well, I love this song... and I love the lyrics. I am such a girly girl, and so this song was very fun to sing. Plus,...

Castle On A Cloud

By Cinnamon1965 107 In the Style Of from Les Miserables
169 Views 14 Comments 5
Audio Recorded

International House Of Song (IHOS) Saw this on the feature, and never sang it before, so it is what it is!! When I ...

If I Had Only Known

By Cinnamon1965 107 In the Style Of Reba McEntire
317 Views 55 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

I was asked to sing a song that best describe me.... perhaps a song that may tell your life. Well this is it... :) ...

What Child Is This?

By Cinnamon1965 107 Featuring Miss_T_Virus 43 In the Style Of Crystal Gayle
144 Views 22 Comments 4
Audio Recorded

You did such a beautiful job on this wonderful carol, I had to join you.. :) I hope you like it... Cyndi

Here We Come A Wassailing

By Cinnamon1965 107 Featuring -SuzAnne- 76 In the Style Of Traditional Christmas Carol
239 Views 44 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Thank you so much for stopping by... I laid out the harmony ahead of time, and then asked Suzanne to join me with her...

Christmas Time Is Here

By Cinnamon1965 107 Featuring Robinique 42 In the Style Of Charlie Brown
116 Views 15 Comments 3
Audio Recorded

Robinique, thank you for letting me borrow your beautiful vocals on this.. I hope you like it.. Cyndi Go Green Team!!...

Angels We Have Heard On High

By Cinnamon1965 107 Featuring Kimberly87 13 In the Style Of Traditional Christmas Carol
244 Views 18 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

~*~ Singing 25 Days of Christmas ~*~ ~*~*~ Beautiful hymn Kimberly, and you did a wonderful job... :) I hope you do...

A Christmas Carol

By Cinnamon1965 107 Featuring -Bev- 107 In the Style Of Tom Lehrer
204 Views 24 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

. Just Because!!!!! I had to join Beverley on this... she was bloody Hilarious.. :) Love you Sis ~Cyndi <3

Christmas Waltz (No Backing Vocals)

By Cinnamon1965 107 In the Style Of The Carpenters
267 Views 54 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

I have always LOVED the Carpenters, and this song is a favorite of my... ''It is that time of year, when the world fa...

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