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When I Fall In Love

By EZDUZIT 58 Featuring singingsister57 105 +4 In the Style Of Celine Dion & Clive Griffin
60 Views 12 Comments 4
Video Recorded

You're The One That I Want

By EZDUZIT 58 Featuring pigeoneyeddevilwoman 7 In the Style Of from Grease
64 Views 2 Comments 1
Audio Recorded


By EZDUZIT 58 In the Style Of Frank Sinatra
18 Views 2 Comments 1
Video Recorded

Somewhere There's A Someone

By EZDUZIT 58 In the Style Of Dean Martin
48 Views 7 Comments 4
Video Recorded

Do You Remember These

By EZDUZIT 58 Featuring MsMarie 100 In the Style Of The Statler Brothers
36 Views 13 Comments 3
Audio Recorded

Let's Misbehave

By EZDUZIT 58 In the Style Of Irving Aaronson and His Commanders
19 Views 3 Comments 2
Video Recorded

You Don't Bring Me Flowers

By EZDUZIT 58 In the Style Of Barbra Streisand & Neil Diamond
82 Views 3 Comments 3
Video Recorded

OPEN VIDEO or AUDIO DUET:.....Oh Barbra, where forth art thou?

A Few Ole Country Boys

By EZDUZIT 58 Featuring DOWNHOME 51 In the Style Of Randy Travis & George Jones
85 Views 4 Comments 4
Video Recorded

The Beat Goes On

By EZDUZIT 58 Featuring zabemo 76 In the Style Of Sonny and Cher
23 Views 1 Comment 1
Audio Recorded

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