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When I Fall In Love

By EZDUZIT 58 Featuring wvgal 37 In the Style Of Celine Dion & Clive Griffin
347 Views 2 Comments 3
Audio Recorded

It's been YEAR'S.....huh?

Summer Nights

By EZDUZIT 58 In the Style Of from Grease
346 Views 3 Comments 2
Video Recorded

OPEN VIDEO DUET: Cute tune......Cute movie........Cute accompaniment would be nice (er, cute) too!!........Come on!!....

Daddy's Home

By EZDUZIT 58 In the Style Of Shep and The Limelites
328 Views 6 Comments 3
Video Recorded

Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I)

By EZDUZIT 58 In the Style Of Ray Charles
344 Views 8 Comments 5
Video Recorded

Thank you for the "feedback" on the MIC trial!!......Returned to my ole standby........So much for change!!!!!!.........

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