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American Honey

By KayGrant In the Style Of Lady Antebellum
312 Views 7 Comments 1
Video Recorded

Pretty song i just learned today! :)


By KayGrant In the Style Of Fleetwood Mac
295 Views 0 Comments 1
Video Recorded

I LOVE this song. it's brilliant. absolutely brilliant. i could listen to covers of it all day. all hail stevie. (and...

Here Without You

By KayGrant In the Style Of 3 Doors Down
281 Views 3 Comments
Video Recorded

Rock song, kinda different from what ive done so far, but i love the lyrics! (ps when you see me pointing with my han...


By KayGrant In the Style Of Rufus Wainwright
4,647 Views 16 Comments 3
Video Recorded

Yet another one of my favorites! i mixed it up a little, combining some elements from different versions of this song...

Don't Know Why

By KayGrant In the Style Of Norah Jones
139 Views 23 Comments 4
Video Recorded

One of my favorite songs to sing - you can ad lib it different every time and do some cool variations :)


By KayGrant In the Style Of Sugarland
330 Views 11 Comments 3
Video Recorded

Love this song by Sugarland! Not sure if the microphone can completely handle my voice when I use power at the climax...