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American Honey

By KayGrant in the Style of Lady Antebellum
138 views 7 comments 1
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Pretty song i just learned today! :)


By KayGrant in the Style of Fleetwood Mac
117 views 0 comments 1
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I LOVE this song. it's brilliant. absolutely brilliant. i could listen to covers of it all day. all hail stevie. (and excuse a couple slightly flat notes lol.)

Here Without You

By KayGrant in the Style of 3 Doors Down
113 views 3 comments
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Rock song, kinda different from what ive done so far, but i love the lyrics! (ps when you see me pointing with my hand, im telling my annoying animal to go away and ill feed her later! haha)


By KayGrant in the Style of Rufus Wainwright
3,782 views 16 comments 3
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Yet another one of my favorites! i mixed it up a little, combining some elements from different versions of this song that i've heard before :) feel free to comment and let me know what you think!!

Don't Know Why

By KayGrant in the Style of Norah Jones
135 views 23 comments 4
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One of my favorite songs to sing - you can ad lib it different every time and do some cool variations :)


By KayGrant in the Style of Sugarland
161 views 11 comments 3
Video Recorded

Love this song by Sugarland! Not sure if the microphone can completely handle my voice when I use power at the climax of the song, though...but I'll let y'all be the judge of that! :)