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In The Air Tonight

By 46Charlie 38 in the Style of Phil Collins
8 views 7 comments 2
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Back to the 80's Final round entry! Birds and Geese just wanted to join in! LOL!

Little Lies

By 46Charlie 38 in the Style of Fleetwood Mac
29 views 17 comments 5+
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Lie to me Baby! LOL


By 46Charlie 38 in the Style of Spandau Ballet
47 views 21 comments 5+
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Round ONE! Back to the 80's contest!

Baby (You've Got What It Takes)

By 46Charlie 38 Featuring nc_koolaid_princess 48 in the Style of Dinah Washington & Brook Benton
15 views 7 comments 2
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The Circus

By 46Charlie 38 in the Style of Take That
58 views 28 comments 5+
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Step right up folks the Sing Snap Side Show Is about to begin! For my act I would like to introduce be the Broken Hearted Clown! Underneath all the laughter was a broken heart that would never be taken seriously. Always laughed at and not with. Poor Broken Heart to say I love you is really to much to say.

True Love Ways

By 46Charlie 38 Featuring the-band 33 1 in the Style of Buddy Holly
11 views 3 comments 4
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Working a duet with the-band!


By 46Charlie 38 in the Style of George Ezra
40 views 12 comments 5+
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Increase the peace challenge! A few years back I was working security for the hospital. There was a family who's father was in intensive care. The family had issues with the fathers now second wife, which made it difficult for visiting him. They said that they didn't want her to be there so the kids in there 30's could visit with their dad. I had a discussion with the family over the matter, and then his new wife. So I would call the wife whenever the family left and escort her up to visit and then send her back down our rear entrance so that the families would not have to see each other. I received thank you's from the family for making sure she wasn't there! LOL!

We Are The World

By 46Charlie 38 Featuring melindalea 53 3 in the Style of U.S.A. For Africa
33 views 5 comments 5
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Never Been To Spain

By 46Charlie 38 in the Style of Three Dog Night
33 views 8 comments 4
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Just once is enough! LOL!

You Gave Me A Mountain

By 46Charlie 38 in the Style of Elvis Presley (Live Cuts)
17 views 4 comments 2
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LOL! Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself!