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She Cried

By suzy_sunshine04 24 in the Style of Jay & The Americans
40 views 8 comments 1
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Sweet Beulah Land

By suzy_sunshine04 24 Featuring phillips-hale 13 in the Style of Gospel
80 views 6 comments 2
Audio Recorded

~Featured~ I love this song....~You did it beautiful~ Hope you don't mind me joining you!

Wedding Bells

By suzy_sunshine04 24 Featuring wish-I-could-sing 42 in the Style of Hank Williams
44 views 3 comments
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I May Never Get To Heaven

By suzy_sunshine04 24 in the Style of Conway Twitty
63 views 5 comments 1
Video Recorded


As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone

By suzy_sunshine04 24 Featuring Ccrow 3 in the Style of Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty
68 views 7 comments 2
Video Recorded

You Are My Sunshine

By suzy_sunshine04 24 Featuring kentastic 19 in the Style of Gene Autry
32 views 4 comments 3
Audio Recorded

Hi Ken......~You did a great job singing this~ Had to duet you! Hope you like it!

Don't Let Me Cross Over

By suzy_sunshine04 24 Featuring washburn46 23 in the Style of Carl Butler
82 views 4 comments 3
Audio Recorded

Hi did this song great so I thought I'd duet it with you.....Hope you like it!

Could I Have This Dance

By suzy_sunshine04 24 in the Style of Anne Murray
43 views 5 comments 2
Video Recorded


We Believe In Happy Endings

By suzy_sunshine04 24 Featuring Tcowboy 23 in the Style of Earl Thomas Conley & Emmylou Harris
37 views 2 comments 1
Audio Recorded

Just Someone I Used To Know

By suzy_sunshine04 24 Featuring ibcnya 17 in the Style of Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner
61 views comments off
Audio Recorded

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