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I Believe
Leann Rimes

In Times Like These
Brad Paisley

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The Old Rugged Cross

Video Recorded by Deelyght in the Style of Loretta Lynn.
105 views 32 comments

Oh how I love this hymn....thank you Jesus for going to that cross for me! thank you for listening!

Waiting On The Water

Audio Recorded by Deelyght in the Style of Cumberland Gap.
86 views 38 comments

Hi everyone, I saw this song on the feature page....and I am not feeling too good tonight and just am not up to singing....but this song talks about healing...and that's what I am believing for hope you don't mind me posting an earlier version of me singing this...I did two parts on this one...lead and harmony... <object width="357" height="458"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="357" height="458"></embed></object> God bless you all....

Why Me Lord

Video Recorded by Deelyght in the Style of Kris Kristofferson.
188 views 56 comments

Feature song.... thanks so much for listening....I really love this song!

How Great Thou Art

Audio Recorded by Deelyght in the Style of Alan Jackson.
45 views 21 comments

I love the Lord....He is so great!

This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me

Video Recorded by Deelyght in the Style of The Perrys.
48 views 28 comments

I have been away from ss with only an occasional listen and comment from my phone, due to computer being down....the sound card is still not the way it's supposed to be..... so this was just a test... felt good to sing again...but I am pretty rusty lol. I am looking forward to coming to listen to you folks....though it may take me awhile as I am working long days now.... thanks so much for coming. God bless!

Can't Even Get The Blues No More

Audio Recorded by Deelyght in the Style of Reba McEntire.
89 views comments off

Feature song... click the link to listen...if it doesn't take you to the song, please pm me and I will make it possible for you to listen if you so desire. There is no song on this page...please click the link! :)


Video Recorded by Deelyght in the Style of Talley Trio.
190 views 31 comments

I am so glad to be back home! I found this song on the feature page and just had to sing it, even though I have done it before.... I just wanna brag on Jesus! I LOVE Him!! And if you love Him too...why don't you leave YOUR testimony on this page?!!! Thanks for listening! p.s. I know that there are lots of people who I haven't listened to recently because of being away...but over the next few days I hope to come and visit as many as me, listening to others is something I enjoy doing very much!!! God bless you!!

Holy Is The Lord

Video Recorded by Deelyght in the Style of Chris Tomlin.
60 views 24 comments

Feature song... Thanks for coming by!! :)

They'll Never Take Jesus Out Of My Heart

Video Recorded by Deelyght in the Style of Micheal Combs.
125 views 31 comments

Feature song... thanks so much for listening!

The Old Rugged Cross

Audio Recorded by Deelyght & Lilly in the Style of Alan Jackson.
8 views 0 comments