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Take My Hand, Precious Lord

By Deelyght +2 in the Style of Elvis Presley
361 views 97 comments 5+
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Just wanted to sing this. I know most people are busy with Christmas celebrations but if you do listen....I hope this is a blessing to you. This is Deelyght+Deelyght+Deelyght as I did three part harmony. ;0) Thanks for any comments. Deelyght Thank you so much for the Hall of Fame nomination. I am surprised, but humbly thankful! God bless, Deelyght

O Holy Night

By Deelyght +2 Featuring pottershand +2 in the Style of Celine Dion
11 views 0 comments
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We Fall Down

By Deelyght +2 in the Style of Steven Curtis Chapman & Chris Tomlin
214 views 70 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Another feature song. I am always nervous about singing high songs....hope it is bearable to listen to. lol. I would be thrilled if anyone sings harmony with me. I could have put it in myself but left it open, so please jump in if you care to! He is HOLY! Deelyght

Come, Now Is The Time To Worship

By Deelyght +2 in the Style of Phillips, Craig And Dean
145 views 35 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Feature song. Thanks for listening and I LOVE hearing from you! Deelyght

Ain't Got Time For You Devil

By Deelyght +2 in the Style of Gospel
205 views 73 comments 5+
Video Recorded

Feature song: I pray all the children will be safe as they go trick or treating tonight. This is my Halloween song. LOL. Hope you enjoy it....I had fun singing it. Deelyght

Lord, I Lift Your Name On High

By Deelyght +2 in the Style of Petra
186 views 68 comments 5+
Video Recorded

Feature song. This one was hard to sing for me....but I just had to do it. Thanks if you listen and if you comment...wooohooo then I am truly "Deelyght-ed!" Deelyght

To Me He's Become Everything

By Deelyght +2 in the Style of Gospel
164 views 63 comments 5+
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This is a one take for the feature....heard it for the first time a few minutes ago....but just HAD to try it!! He IS my everything!!! Thanks for listening and for any comments that might be left! God bless your socks off!!! ;0) Deelyght

Amazing Grace

By Deelyght +2 in the Style of Traditional
249 views 66 comments 5+
Video Recorded

Hi, I am Brown_Sugar. Thank you for all the comments on my song last week, "The Prayer" . Today I am singing Amazing Grace. This is my second song on Sing Snap. I would love for you to listen and comment! Thank you. Peace out!!! Brown_Sugar

The Old Rugged Cross

By Deelyght +2 in the Style of Gospel
352 views 107 comments 5+
Video Recorded

My external sound card broke and I am just using a borrowed computer....the sound is not too good...but since I haven't sung for three days I just wanted to sing something....and this was just testing out this computer....sooo...if you listen don't expect good quality....I apologize in advance and thanks if you do listen anyway! Deelyght

He's Alive

By Deelyght +2 in the Style of Dolly Parton
15 views 3 comments 2
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