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Only Love Can Hur...
Paloma Faith

All I Want

Just Be
Paloma Faith

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I Cried For You

By -Peachie 76 +17 in the Style of Katie Melua
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Summerfest 2015 - Whale Wave! Whale Wave Challenge - Part A: Sing any song on the Feature Page on July 24, 2015. Whale Wave Challenge - Part B: The Wave Challenge (Audio): If you're having a blast on the Whale Wave, we want to hear your screams of joy and delight! Woo-Hoo, Yahoo! If you're not having such a great time and feel a little squeamish - we want to hear you moan and groan and try your best not to heave in the pool!

Merry Christmas Darling

By -Peachie 76 +17 in the Style of The Carpenters
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The Secret Santa, Christmas in July Project I was picked to be Secret Santa to RachelRae8. I was really excited to get someone that I liked but didn't really know. Since I've had a few days to chat with her I've seen what a sweet and fun person she is and I'm very happy to have been chosen for her Secret Santa. Rachel, here is your Secret Santa Christmas in July gift! One of your favorite Christmas songs! I hope to get to know you even better now that we've officially met! Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy :D

Rattlin' Bones

By -Peachie 76 +17 Featuring freddybruce 47 in the Style of Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson
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By -Peachie 76 +17 in the Style of Lila McCann
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Duet Lovers XIII ~ Perfect Pairs Country Style ~ ROUND ONE (Ladies solo round) New song for me :) Thanks for listening <3


By -Peachie 76 +17 in the Style of Gavin Degraw
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Ok, please know that I do not condone cheating. The simple truth is that I think this is a cool song and nothing more. I made the slide show based on cheating to go with the theme of the song and that's it.... no hidden meaning or insight into my very being lol. I'm a music lover and I love this has no other meaning to me. It's just a cool song. Now, as my friends know, I was very sick of late and have not been able to sing in quite some time.... a few months in fact. I "FINALLY" have my voice back and I wanted to do nothing more than sing something with some power so this song was chosen. It was cool and it had some power so that's it :D Thank you for listening <3

Dust To Dust

By -Peachie 76 +17 in the Style of The Civil Wars
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Love this song :) Thanks for listening.

Almost Lover

By -Peachie 76 +17 in the Style of A Fine Frenzy
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By -Peachie 76 +17 in the Style of Sara Bareilles
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Proud to be a women :) I made the video myself because I couldn't find one on YouTube that I liked. I wanted a video that I could have a tribute to all brave women and this song is our anthem. Just a side note....the dancing woman at the end is a surgeon who was literally about to undergo a double mastectomy. She was dancing with her crew and it chokes me up every time I see it. I strive to be that brave! <3

1,2,3,4 (I Love You)

By -Peachie 76 +17 Featuring freddybruce 47 in the Style of Plain White T's
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Bye Bye Love (No Harmony)

By -Peachie 76 +17 Featuring freddybruce 47 in the Style of The Everly Brothers
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