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Rattlin' Bones

Audio Recorded by -Peachie +21 +19 & freddybruce +1 +3 in the Style of Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson.
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Video Recorded by -Peachie +21 +19 in the Style of Gnarls Barkley.
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Shocktober - Week Three! Thrills and Frills! Part A - The Thrills Challenge: If you want to do the Thrills Challenge, you may sing any song from the Feature Page, dated Friday October 17, 2014. Part B - Thrills Cam Challenge: Since you like to be scary, we want you to pretend you're a monster hidden in the attic! Get on cam, dressed up and creepy and show us what is lurking behind the shadows! So, I got all this other crap out of the attic and I think I got bit by a spider :( hopefully it wasn't a Brown Recluse! Anyway, happy SHOCKTOBER!


Audio Recorded by -Peachie +21 +19 in the Style of Rihanna & Mikky Ekko.
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MNM'S THIRTEEN GHOSTS One Song, One Round I had to pick a song with one of the following words in the title or artist... 7. The Pilgrimess Isabella, Smith,pilgrim, sail, across, Atlantic, ocean, warm, home, trust, outside(r), mysterious, preacher, accuse, witchcraft, ill, frenzy, corner, miracle, crawl, alive, slow, stock, stay, week, children, worse, pain, finally, walking, locked . I picked Stay of course lol....thank you for listening

Does He Love You

Audio Recorded by -Peachie +21 +19 & CazMania +9 in the Style of Reba McEntire & Linda Davis.
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You Don't Know Me

Audio Recorded by -Peachie +21 +19 & Burkjr +1 +3 in the Style of Ray Charles & Diana Krall.
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Stray Cat Strut

Video Recorded by -Peachie +21 +19 in the Style of Stray Cats.
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Shocktober - Week 2 - Trick Or Treat! Part A - The Trickin' Challenge: If you want to Trick, you may sing any song from the Feature Page, dated Friday October 10, 2014. Part B - Trick Cam Challenge: We want you to scare us silly! Put on some sort of costume! Of course, it doesn't HAVE to be scary but we are looking for at least a side of creepy! One of the few times you'll see me on cam HAHAHAHA well, not really LOL :P

I Choose You (No Backing Vocals)

Audio Recorded by -Peachie +21 +19 in the Style of Sara Bareilles.
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Love this song!!! Such a great happy to see it available :) Was a bit high for me in spots but hey, when has that stopped anyone on SS from singing something out of their range? LOL Thank you for listening <3

Baby Blue

Audio Recorded by -Peachie +21 +19 in the Style of Badfinger.
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Shocktober Week 1!!! My favorite month of the year!!! The Shockin' Challenge: If you want to Shock, you can sing any song you'd like from the Feature Page! The song must be dated October 3rd to be accepted. Then you must either dress up in a scary (or fun) costume OR at the start of your song shout "BOO!" A little background for anyone that likes to read background on songs lol....although this is what I would consider a classic from the 70's, I wouldn't really know it was a classic if it wasn't for the show "Breaking Bad". This was the final song, in the final scene, in the final episode of what I consider the best show ever to this date. It was my favorite show and "SPOILER ALERT" I will miss Walter White....I dedicate this song to both Walter White and Jesse Pinkman...<3 Either way, whether a BB fan or not, this is a great song!!! I was so thrilled that it was on the feature for the first week of Shocktober! :D HAPPY HALLOWEEN MONTH!!!!


Video Recorded by -Peachie +21 +19.
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Let's Hear The Harmony - Final round. Write the lyrics to a SS House Band original This is the first song I have ever even attempted to write. I really enjoyed the experience. I hope you like it and thank you for listening :-) Verse1: You said you’d give me time. Is time really all I need? You said you’d give me space. Space for me to breath But I’m afraid it’s not enough Verse2: Hurt and pain was not what I meant to give And yet, once again, pain’s what I create And I’m afraid, I’ve made life rough Chorus1: I wish I could have been more, I wish I could have been whole But I’m broken, a space, an empty hole Verse3: I could try again, to give you what you need But the fight is no longer there, the drive wasted, gone I’m afraid, we’ve lost Chorus2: I wish I could have given more, I wish I could have made us whole But I’m weak, wasted, void of strength ----Guitar break---- Chorus3: Wish I could’ve gave you love and laughter, ohhh that happy ending, But I’m broken, a space, empty hole Verse4: Is this the end of the road, of our story Am I already gone, gone gone gone I’m afraid, it’s the end I’m afraid, I’m Afraid I’m Afraid Afraid, Afraid, Afraid Layers for Judge Loy Layer1: Layer2: Layer3: Layer4: Layer5:

More Than Words

Audio Recorded by -Peachie +21 +19 in the Style of Extreme.
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Let's Hear The Harmony - A Capella Round I started a song over a week ago for this round and it was far more complicated then I originally thought and after 11 layers I gave up. Then I tried another song 2 nights ago only to give up on that one as well's my final attempt at yet a 3rd song and I'm out of time so it will have to do. For judges verification only: Layer1: Layer2: Layer3: Layer4: Layer5: Layer6: Layer7: I dedicate this song to my dad. I love you dad <3