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On A Bus To St. Cloud

Audio Recorded by -Peachie in the Style of Trisha Yearwood.
35 views 29 comments

SWEET & BEELet's Go Country PART2 - Round 1

Mama's Broken Heart

Audio Recorded by -Peachie in the Style of Miranda Lambert.
28 views 19 comments

~*~J&D's *His & Her favorites #9* GRAND FINALE~*~ Thank you Denise & Johnny for the awesome contest! You guys have great taste in music!

The Long And Winding Road

Audio Recorded by -Peachie in the Style of The Beatles.
35 views 18 comments

~*~J&D's "His & Her favorites #9~*~ROUND#1 Feeling under the weather these last few days so not 100% but I do thank you for coming by, it's appreciated very much :)

Shut Up And Kiss Me

Audio Recorded by -Peachie & freddybruce in the Style of Mary Chapin Carpenter.
41 views 29 comments

Bruce, it's always so fun singing with you!! Thanks for doing this contest with me :D <3

Everytime Two Fools Collide

Audio Recorded by -Peachie & freddybruce in the Style of Kenny Rogers & Dottie West.
34 views 29 comments

Sandy & Shirl's country duet contest - Round 3 We had to pick a number and we were given this song to do. Thanks again Bruce, you are the bomb ;-)

Rattlin' Bones

Audio Recorded by -Peachie & freddybruce in the Style of Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson.
60 views 34 comments


Video Recorded by -Peachie in the Style of Gnarls Barkley.
88 views 40 comments

Shocktober - Week Three! Thrills and Frills! Part A - The Thrills Challenge: If you want to do the Thrills Challenge, you may sing any song from the Feature Page, dated Friday October 17, 2014. Part B - Thrills Cam Challenge: Since you like to be scary, we want you to pretend you're a monster hidden in the attic! Get on cam, dressed up and creepy and show us what is lurking behind the shadows! So, I got all this other crap out of the attic and I think I got bit by a spider :( hopefully it wasn't a Brown Recluse! Anyway, happy SHOCKTOBER!


Audio Recorded by -Peachie in the Style of Rihanna & Mikky Ekko.
46 views 22 comments

MNM'S THIRTEEN GHOSTS One Song, One Round I had to pick a song with one of the following words in the title or artist... 7. The Pilgrimess Isabella, Smith,pilgrim, sail, across, Atlantic, ocean, warm, home, trust, outside(r), mysterious, preacher, accuse, witchcraft, ill, frenzy, corner, miracle, crawl, alive, slow, stock, stay, week, children, worse, pain, finally, walking, locked . I picked Stay of course lol....thank you for listening

Does He Love You

Audio Recorded by -Peachie & CazMania in the Style of Reba McEntire & Linda Davis.
26 views 13 comments

The absolutely, amazing Caz! I hope you don't mind girl, I just had to join ya :D <3

You Don't Know Me

Audio Recorded by -Peachie & Burkjr in the Style of Ray Charles & Diana Krall.
27 views 11 comments

I simply could not pass up this sweeeeet recording of Rob's....I hope you don't mind me highjacking this off your studio lol....but you sounded too good to pass up!