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Big Bad John

Video Recorded by Jerry_Douglas_Jr in the Style of Jimmy Dean.
50 views 4 comments

I'd like to dedicate this song to my Dad, Big John Wheeler, love ya Dad!

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Video Recorded by Jerry_Douglas_Jr in the Style of The Eagles.
66 views 3 comments

Just remaniscing with an old friend I haven't heard from in ages, miss Katelynn38 bad, Just missin' people I've grown to know and love here on singsnap, I reckon' it's cause I'm sure missin' my Dad, miss you like crazy Dad,I know your in a much much better place, love always, your son, and Katelynn your friend, Scott "JR"

Out Of Control Raging Fire

Video Recorded by Jerry_Douglas_Jr & dgfowler in the Style of Patty Loveless.
31 views 0 comments

It sure is great jammin' with my friends Donna and Bullfrog, love this Patty Loveless tune, God bless y'all. yssf.Scott

Tennessee Flat Top Box

Video Recorded by Jerry_Douglas_Jr & tee-dee in the Style of Rosanne Cash.
161 views 5 comments

It is my pleasure once again to sit down with my new pickin' buddy Terry, and I love this ol' Johnny Cash written song that his daughter RoseAnne Cash recorded it years later. Just a few mistakes on my part, I loved the outcome of this duet, my voice comes and goes with this cold. God bless, remember me and my family in your prayers, Dad's in heaven, Praise Jesus for that.

Deck The Halls

Video Recorded by Jerry_Douglas_Jr & Darrell_McCoy in the Style of Stella Parton.
60 views 5 comments

My voice sounds terrible, but I sure had a great time singing with "THE FAMILY", God bless y'all, and Merry Christmas! Your Brother and Uncle Scott!

Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good

Video Recorded by Jerry_Douglas_Jr & brandiray28 in the Style of Lee Ann Womack.
59 views 2 comments

Just testing out my voice, it's getting better still a little rough, but I'm on the mend thank God, Lord be with my family today. We need your strength for sure, and your amazing grace. Bless you my friends. Scott

Go Rest High On That Mountain

Video Recorded by Jerry_Douglas_Jr & Gary_A in the Style of Vince Gill.
176 views 14 comments

My Dad bought me my first dobro, just a year after my Mother passed away. He would travel with me all over Indiana to hear me play in jam sessions, Those were some amazing times and I'll cherish those memories for as long as my brain is in working order, I dedicate this song to my Dad, Dad I'll see you soon, in the Lord's time, I know Dad's smiling and is experiencing joy like we could never imagine. Love always, Mom and Dad together again. Praise you Jesus! dgfowler - Donna - vocals Gary A. guitars Jerry_douglas_jr - Scott, Dobro A Mountain Of Love!

Jesus Loves The Little Children

Video Recorded by Jerry_Douglas_Jr in the Style of Standard Gospel.
109 views 14 comments

Singing is definantly therapy for me after loosing my Dad only yesterday, Christmas Eve, I am fighting a terrible cold and am in the valley for sure, but the Lord will carry me out of here once again, I've been here to many times and know He's the author and finisher of my faith, Amen! Love all my singsnap family, 11:39pm, 21 minutes left of Christmas Day, Merry Christmas to you one and all. Scott

Hotel California

Video Recorded by Jerry_Douglas_Jr & the-band in the Style of The Eagles.
68 views 8 comments

Well it was sure fun tryin'! Voice is gone so I tried playing lead guitar throughout the whole song. Hope you all like it. Thanks for listening and comments greatly appreciated. yssf.Scott"Jerrydouglasjr"

Christmas In Dixie

Video Recorded by Jerry_Douglas_Jr & hypergal1942 in the Style of Alabama.
47 views 6 comments

Merry Christmas to you both from Scott"Jerrydouglasjrf"

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