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Morning Desire
Kenny Rogers

He Loves Me
Gospel - Southern

Over The Rainbow
Cliff Richard

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I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb (No B...

By willis99 in the Style of Ray Boltz
12 views 14 comments 5+
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After All

By willis99 in the Style of Ed Bruce
22 views 21 comments 5+
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Under His Wings

By willis99 in the Style of The Ruppes
8 views 6 comments 4
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Closer I Get To You

By willis99 Featuring mistressravenknight in the Style of Roberta Flack
6 views 2 comments 1
Video Recorded

Joining forces with my new SingSnap friend Jacqueline on this most popular Roberta Flack hit. This is such a great song for a duet and its one I've always enjoyed singing. I hope you will enjoy our rendition ..... Raymond

God Still Answers Prayer

By willis99 in the Style of Karen Peck & New River
11 views 13 comments 5+
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Surely The Presence Of The Lord

By willis99 Featuring CarrieAngel in the Style of Praise & Worship
13 views 5 comments 3
Video Recorded

Joining my dear friend Carrie on this amazing song of praise. Her voice is such a gift and its always a joy to sing with her ..... Hope you will be touched by this wonderfully written song and it's message. .... Raymond Feel free to join us if you like as well .......

Somewhere Between

By willis99 Featuring AngelDahlin in the Style of Suzy Bogguss
5 views 3 comments 1
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Here's a wonderful old country tune written by Merle Haggard. This rendition was released by Suzy Bogguss and my dear friend Tina teed it up and left it "open" for any takers to complete as a duet. This was a lot of fun and its always a treat to sing along side Tina. She has such a lovely voice and did a beautiful job on her parts. I'm just hoping I didn't mess it up too bad ...... Enjoy ....Raymond

I Will Serve Thee

By willis99 Featuring RonnieDm in the Style of Praise & Worship
24 views 6 comments 4
Video Recorded

A special thanks to my dear friend and brother in the lord, Ronnie for laying such a wonderful foundation as he sang this beautiful song of praise. It's always such a joy and a blessing to sing along with him ..... God bless ...Raymond

Today I Started Loving You Again

By willis99 Featuring syvadasgranny in the Style of Merle Haggard
20 views 9 comments 5
Video Recorded

Getting to join my sweet friend Julia on two songs in one day! Wow ...... She's so much fun to sing along with ..... Thanks for leaving this one "open" so that I could join ya. Hugs .. Raymond

Branded Man

By willis99 Featuring syvadasgranny in the Style of Merle Haggard
16 views 6 comments 4
Video Recorded

This was really a special treat. I was able to get my dear friend Julia to come out of singing retirement here on SS to sing this wonderful Merle Haggard tune. PLEASE drop by her studio and offer her some words of encouragement to polish up that pretty voice of hers and to share it with all of us. We all know that singing would be good therapy for her and also will brighten up her days .... She did an awesome job on this wonderful ole country tune ... I hope you'll enjoy our rendition as much as I did singing with Julia ........ Raymond