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Morning Desire
Kenny Rogers

He Loves Me
Gospel - Southern

Over The Rainbow
Cliff Richard

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It's Getting Better All The Time

By willis99 90 in the Style of Brooks & Dunn
10 views 6 comments 5
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With Body and Soul

By willis99 90 in the Style of The Kentucky Headhunters
33 views 23 comments 5+
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Shocktober - Psychotic or Psychedelic Corn Maze! Shocktober Challenge - Week One! This challenge consists of two parts. Both Part A and Part B must be completed. Read carefully! The goal of this challenge is either to be ROCKIN' or to SHOCKIN'! The Shockin' Challenge: If you want to Shock, you can sing any song you'd like from the Feature Page! The song must be dated October 9th to be accepted. The second part of your Shockin' Challenge is to either dress up like one of the escaped Asylum patients and/or at the start of your song scream like a maniac and cry for help!

Here We Go Again

By willis99 90 Featuring Twirl 38 +1 +4 in the Style of Ray Charles & Norah Jones
27 views 10 comments 5+
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More Than Wonderful

By willis99 90 Featuring VitaminDee 60 +2 +1 in the Style of Sandi Patti & Larnell Harris
35 views 9 comments 4
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If I Lost You

By willis99 90 in the Style of Travis Tritt
27 views 5 comments 5+
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This is such a wonderful song and I struggled to select the right pitch on this one; therefore those gosh awful chipmunk background singers raised their ugly heads. Oh well, I gave it a try anyway ...... Raymond


By willis99 90 in the Style of Barbra Streisand
28 views 16 comments 5+
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This song has long been one of my all time favorite Streisand recordings. You seldom hear a male singing this one, but I absolutely love singing it. Even though I can't hit those notes that Barbra does, I'm hoping you will enjoy my stab at this "gender bender" ..... Raymond

What A Wonderful World

By willis99 90 Featuring foxylady10017_1_1 34 in the Style of K.D. Lang & Tony Bennett
45 views 15 comments 5+
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Can't Smile Without You

By willis99 90 in the Style of Barry Manilow
40 views 18 comments 5+
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Cheese Please Challenge! Cheese Please Challenge Details! Cheese Please - Part A: You may sing any song on the Feature Page on Friday, September 25. If you already know what song you would like to sing, you may request it here! Cheese Please - Part B: When one thinks cheesy, a lot of things come to mind but the ultimate of cheesy cheese are ... Pick-up lines! So your challenge is, at the start of your song, to deliver the MOST cheesy pick-up line you can possibly find!

Up Where We Belong

By willis99 90 Featuring VitaminDee 60 +2 +1 in the Style of Jennifer Warnes & Joe Cocker
28 views 12 comments 5+
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God Wants To Hear You Sing

By willis99 90 in the Style of Greater Vision
15 views 6 comments 4
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