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Morning Desire
Kenny Rogers

He Loves Me
Gospel - Southern

Over The Rainbow
Cliff Richard

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Morning Desire

Video Recorded by willis99 +2 in the Style of Kenny Rogers.
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"Morning Desire" is a song written by Dave Loggins and recorded by American country music artist Kenny Rogers. It was released in October 1985 as the lead single from the album, The Heart of the Matter. The song was Kenny Rogers' twelfth number one on the country chart as a solo artist. The single went to number one for one week and spent a total of fourteen weeks on the country chart. Guitarist Stanley Jordan played lead guitar on the track. Survivor Top 50.. Round 1 ~ Sing A LOVE song from any genre .... No duplicates allowed


Video Recorded by willis99 +2 & AngelDahlin +9 +10 in the Style of Morris Albert.
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This is a song I have always loved and admired. A special thanks to Tina for "opening" this one up so that I could join her. A beautiful song and it was wonderful getting to singing along with her on this one. I hope you will enjoy our rendition .... Raymond

I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You

Video Recorded by willis99 +2 in the Style of Alan Jackson.
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Moonlight Becomes You

Video Recorded by willis99 +2 in the Style of Traditional.
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Sixteen Tons

Video Recorded by willis99 +2 in the Style of Tennessee Ernie Ford.
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Send In The Clowns

Video Recorded by willis99 +2 in the Style of Howard Keel.
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Survivor 2014: Do You Have What it Takes? ~ Audition Round SEND IN THE CLOWNS "Send in the Clowns" is a song written by Stephen Sondheim for the 1973 musical A Little Night Music, an adaptation of Ingmar Bergman's film Smiles of a Summer Night. It is a ballad from Act II in which the character Desirée reflects on the ironies and disappointments of her life. Among other things, she looks back on an affair years earlier with the lawyer Fredrik. Meeting him after so long, she finds that he is now in an unconsummated marriage with a much younger woman. Desirée proposes marriage to rescue him from this situation, but he declines, citing his dedication to his bride. Reacting to his rejection, Desirée sings this song. The song is later reprised as a coda after Fredrik's young wife runs away with his son, and Fredrik is finally free to accept Desirée's offer The "clowns" in the title do not refer to circus clowns. Instead, they symbolize fools, as Sondheim explained in a 1990 interview: He got a lot of letters over the years asking what the title meant and what the song was about; He never thought it would be in any way esoteric. He wanted to use theatrical imagery in the song, because she's an actress, but it's not supposed to be a circus [...] It's a theater reference meaning "if the show isn't going well, let's send in the clowns"; in other words, "let's do the jokes." I always want to know, when I'm writing a song, what the end is going to be, so "Send in the Clowns" didn't settle in until he got the notion, "Don't bother, they're here", which meant that "We are the fools." In a 2008 interview, Sondheim further clarified: As I think of it now, the song could have been called "Send in the Fools". I knew I was writing a song in which Desirée is saying, "aren't we foolish" or "aren't we fools?" Well, a synonym for fools is clowns, but "Send in the Fools" doesn't have the same ring to it.

Don't Close Your Eyes

Video Recorded by willis99 +2 in the Style of Keith Whitley.
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All I Ever Need Is You

Video Recorded by willis99 +2 & AngelDahlin +9 +10 in the Style of Dottie West & Kenny Rogers.
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Monster Mash

Video Recorded by willis99 +2 in the Style of Bobby Boris Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers.
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You Don't Know Me

Video Recorded by willis99 +2 & Vicster +5 in the Style of Ray Charles & Diana Krall.
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