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When Did You Stop Loving Me

By Okiegirll 8 in the Style of George Strait
51 views 12 comments 5+
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Just Someone I Used To Know

By Okiegirll 8 in the Style of Dolly Parton
30 views 7 comments 4
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Open Duet be warned i'm still working on this sound maybe one of these days I will get it right..


By Okiegirll 8 Featuring darrin1974x 17 in the Style of George Jones & Tammy Wynette
24 views 3 comments 1
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I May Hate Myself In The Morning

By Okiegirll 8 in the Style of Lee Ann Womack
108 views 12 comments 5+
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Say Something

By Okiegirll 8 Featuring Snowski 9 in the Style of A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
67 views 4 comments 2
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Right Or Wrong

By Okiegirll 8 in the Style of Wanda Jackson
83 views 14 comments 5+
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It would be a tragedy around my house without singsnap.... I would be so lonely wouldnt have my lovely friends I have met on chat.....Oh how sad it would be....and if I didnt have singsnap I would sleep at nights oh my poor aching back!!!!!!!

Somewhere Between

By Okiegirll 8 in the Style of Suzy Bogguss
91 views 5 comments 4
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Crying My Heart Out Over You

By Okiegirll 8 in the Style of Ricky Skaggs
108 views 21 comments 5+
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Winterfest 2014 Week 4 I remember when I was a young girl I had sang all of my life but I was apart of a group called "The Young Inspirations" a christian group that is where I learned how to sing harmony we would sit around in a circle and sing learning our parts without music then when we got that down we would add the music to it. Thats what makes a group tight. My mom, aunt, uncles and grandma is the people in my life that taught me to sing harmony. I am so appreciative of that without them I wouldnt be able to do what I do. God has truely Blessed me. Thank you for visiting my recording and Have a Great DAy!!!! Winterfest has been a blast.. Oh Im talking about singing harmony and I am not putting none on this recording lol sorry I am not home and using a laptop and my sound sucks lol... Maybe I will put some on it when I get back home....

Okie From Muskogee

By Okiegirll 8 in the Style of Merle Haggard
75 views 12 comments 5+
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Lesson In Leavin'

By Okiegirll 8 in the Style of Jo Dee Messina
159 views 11 comments 5+
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AWe I got my harmonies tooo loud but I am not redoing I hope you can over look it....