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By GinaPet 21 In the Style Of Boston
235 Views 15 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

UGGGHHHH this computer is on my LAST nerve!! not sure how much longer i will be singing :( for the feature xo


By GinaPet 21 In the Style Of Styx
320 Views 21 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

STILL having timing issues i have NO clue whats going on with my computer anyone have any advice?? lol im at a loss h...


By GinaPet 21 In the Style Of John Mayer
207 Views 9 Comments 5
Video Recorded

UGGGHHH no idea WHAT is wrong w my computer and the timing but i love this song and just watched the Bucket List NO t...

We Are The World

By GinaPet 21 Featuring laurakatz 61 In the Style Of U.S.A. For Africa
228 Views 4 Comments 3
Audio Recorded

HI hope this is ok had to do it on other computer that DOES NOT record well tried to balance so i wasnt so loud HAPPY...

All I Ask Of You

By GinaPet 21 In the Style Of from Phantom Of The Opera
403 Views 22 Comments 4
Audio Recorded

EGOT semi finals!! GinaPet Phantom of the Opera All i ask of you SOOOO sorry but i did this song about 10 times havin...

Wind Beneath My Wings

By GinaPet 21 In the Style Of Bette Midler
198 Views 26 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

For my sweet angel baby NIKO you were the wind beneath my wings u were by me thru the death of my gram my cancer and ...

New York, New York

By GinaPet 21 In the Style Of Frank Sinatra
174 Views 27 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

BONUS SONG NEW YORK NEW YORK yes greatest city in the world and right in my backyard! MY voice is SHOT between crying...

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

By GinaPet 21 In the Style Of from Annie Get Your Gun (Broadway Verison)
214 Views 11 Comments 3
Audio Recorded

EGOT awards this is HORRIBLE but best i can do with all going on HATE this song lol GOOD LUCK all and ty all for the ...

A Whole New World

By GinaPet 21 In the Style Of from Aladdin
246 Views 18 Comments 4
Audio Recorded

OHHHH BOY major mixing issues hope this is OK EGOT awards contest! GOOD LUCK ALL A WHOLE NEW WORLD BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

SingSnap Original

By GinaPet 21
176 Views 22 Comments 4
Audio Recorded

OH MY!!!!!!!!!! hahahah the acceptance speech lol

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