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The Closer I Get To You

Audio Recorded by FawnD +1 & TOLERANCEOFZERO in the Style of Roberta Flack & Donny Hatherway.
18 views 2 comments

When I Fall In Love

Audio Recorded by FawnD +1 in the Style of Nat King Cole.
55 views 18 comments

Gosh still have a sore throat, but just had to try this tune! Kinda adds a nice breathyness to my sing , ha ha lol! Thanks for listening friends!! Enjoy!!! Love Fawn xo <3 :-D ~When I Fall In Love~


Audio Recorded by FawnD +1 in the Style of Dolly Parton.
36 views 14 comments

Ok folks getting over a nasty virus for over a month now! Voice is still shakey! This is also my first time singing this song! Yay!!! Ha ha!! Hope I did it justice!!! ;-) Thanks for listening friends! I so missed you all! ;-) Hugs Fawn xo :-D <3

Neon Moon

Audio Recorded by FawnD +1 in the Style of Brooks & Dunn.
54 views 5 comments

Well hello there folks in Sing Snap land! Presenting my lovely friend from La Ville de Montreal!! La belle Bonnie!!! ;-) <3 I asked her to try and sing on my page and boy did she ever!!! Woo Hoooooo!!!!!! <3 You go gurl!!! ;-D ( Love U Boo ) <3 <3 <3 Thanks for stopping by for a visiit friends and enjoy!!! :-) Feel free to make a comment!! Tanks!! hee hee ;-) Love Bonnie & Fawn xoxoxo <3 :-D PS: Buds For Life!!! Forever Friends!!!! <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Love Letter

Audio Recorded by FawnD +1 in the Style of Bonnie Raitt.
45 views 17 comments

~Love Letter~ Something a little bluesy for ya!! Enjoy!!! ;-) Hugs Fawn xo <3 :-D


Audio Recorded by FawnD +1 in the Style of Natalie Cole & Nat King Cole.
51 views 11 comments

Ok friends open duet!! ;-) Darn cats almost knocked my lappy down on the floor!! ha ha You can actually hear the rough housing when they run through here like a flash of lightning!! LOL ha ha ha ha :-D Thanks for listening and please come join me!! Love Fawn xo <3

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

Audio Recorded by FawnD +1 in the Style of Crystal Gayle.
43 views 8 comments

Thanks for listening friends!! Love Fawn xo <3 :-)


Audio Recorded by FawnD +1 in the Style of Jennifer Lopez.
14 views 6 comments

~ALIVE~ Thanks for listening!!! Finally learned this song!! Love J LO!! ;-) Enjoy sweet Friends! <3 Love Always Fawn xoxo <3 ;-D

You're Making Me High

Audio Recorded by FawnD +1 in the Style of Toni Braxton.
11 views 4 comments

~You're Making Me High~ Thanks for listening friends! Take a seat and enjoy, or get up and dance around! Will have to do this one again, a few boo boos!! LOL ;-) Hugs Fawn xo <3 ;-)

Close My Eyes Forever

Audio Recorded by FawnD +1 & turtlerox in the Style of Ozzy Osbourne & Lita Ford.
33 views 7 comments

Wow!! Thank you for leaving this one open for me to try!! LOL First time for this one!! Hope that I did it justice!! ;-) You are Awesome!!!! ;-) Thanks for listening friends!! Enjoy!! ~ROCK ON~ Hugs Fawn & turtlerox xo <3