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Gonna Make You Sweat

By FawnD in the Style of C+C Music Factory
9 views 8 comments 2
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~EVERYBODY DANCE NOW~ ~OPEN DUET~ I had a blast singing this one woo hoooooo!!! :-D Please join me!!! Thanks for listening friends!! Enjoy!! Get up and Dance!! Partaaaaaa!!! ;-0 ~FAWN XO <3

Rainbow In The Dark

By FawnD in the Style of Dio
10 views 6 comments 2
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~LIKE A RAINBOW IN THE DARK~ KEY LOWER Thanks for listening friends!! ROCK ON!!!!!! ;-) ~FAWN xoxo <3

I Can't Make You Love Me

By FawnD in the Style of Bonnie Raitt
39 views 14 comments 5
Video Recorded

~I Can't Make You Love Me~ Hey friends, I just love this song!! I hope you love it too!! Enjoy!!! Close your eyes when you listen to this one ok!! Feel it!! ;-) Thanks for listening!!! <3 Hugs Fawn xoxo :-D

I Could Fall In Love

By FawnD in the Style of Selena
60 views 20 comments 5+
Video Recorded

~I Could Fall In Love~ Thanks so much for listening sweet snappers!! Enjoy!! I love Selena!! ;-) Hugs Fawn xo <3 :-D

Coal Miner's Daughter

By FawnD in the Style of Loretta Lynn
26 views 5 comments 1
Video Recorded

COAL MINERS DAUGHTER~ Thanks for listening friends! Enjoy!! Hugs Fawn xo <3 :-D


By FawnD in the Style of Patsy Cline
14 views 7 comments 3
Video Recorded

~CRAZY~ Thanks for listening friends! Hugs!! Love Fawn xo <3 :-D

I Got You (I Feel Good)

By FawnD in the Style of James Brown
11 views 6 comments 1
Video Recorded

~I GOT YOU~ Thanks for listening! Having a bit o fun!! Woo Hoo!!! I feel good! ;-) Hugs Fawn xo <3


By FawnD in the Style of Natalie Cole & Nat King Cole
39 views 9 comments 3
Video Recorded

~UNFORGETABLE~ OPEN DUET Thanks for listening friends! Join me! ;-) Hugs Fawn xo <3


By FawnD in the Style of Rod Stewart
18 views 7 comments 3
Video Recorded

~ SMILE ~ Thank you all for listening my sweet snappers!! :-) This pic was taken a few years ago when I had blonde hair!! lol :-D Same smile!! Hugs Fawn xo <3

The Greatest Gift Of All

By FawnD in the Style of Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
14 views 10 comments 2
Video Recorded

~GREATEST GIFT OF ALL~ ~OPEN DUET~ Thanks for listening friends!! Please join me! :-D Hugs Fawn xo ;-) <3