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Bye Bye Love

By peanut10 1 in the Style of The Everly Brothers
82 views 26 comments 5+
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When I saw this song it made me think when I was little going camping at my aunt and uncle I heard this one so many times! Lol Have a great sunday ;)

Love Is The Foundation

By peanut10 1 Featuring Calol 12 in the Style of Loretta Lynn
88 views 9 comments 4
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Decided to sing with you sis;)

Making Believe

By peanut10 1 Featuring mimilolo 25 in the Style of Emmylou Harris
84 views 11 comments 5+
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Hello Mom I'm back lol decided to sing a song with you xox

It's So Easy

By peanut10 1 in the Style of Linda Ronstadt
83 views 4 comments 4
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Just having fun singing on my Iphone lol

To Know Him Is To Love Him

By peanut10 1 in the Style of The Trio (Parton & EmmyLou & Linda)
56 views 9 comments 3
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