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The House That Bu...
Miranda Lambert

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I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again

By AuntyWalnut +6 in the Style of Charley Pride
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I'mma sucka for a sad song.........I'd love to wake up in your arms tomorrow........yep you and tequila make crazy run like poison in my blood lol ;-p is one to many and one more is never enough ;-p Gotta chest cold sorry if I croak lol :-) But on a happier note Happy New Year wishing you all the best in 2013. The best present I got for Christmas showed up Christmas Son....we had a wonderful funtastic Christmas........and made many memorable memories......and few some of us would like to forget lol Son brought a bottle of Silver Patron Tequila with him......good times.....I think lol. My Son wanted me to crochet him a hat before he left so between all the Christmas excitement of cooking, visiting etc....of course I got it done :-)...........sharing a pic of what it looks like.........he loved it :-) and he left me with another project to crochet and mail to him lol.......gotta love him <3.

Ready For The Times To Get Better

By AuntyWalnut +6 in the Style of Crystal Gayle
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It's been a to long time with no peace of mind and I'm ready for the times to get better.............................................sorry for the croaking lol was gonna have frog legs for supper but couldn't catch the little jumpers lol.

You And Tequila

By AuntyWalnut +6 in the Style of Kenny Chesney & Grace Potter
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Yum! You and tequila make me crazy run like poison in my blood...chit it's always your favorite sins that do you in lol

I'm Over You

By AuntyWalnut +6 in the Style of Keith Whitley
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You heard I'm drinking more then I should, that I ain't been looking all that I taking it rough hmmmmmmmmmm well lets see yep I'm drinking.....a little to much I don't think so and baby I'm looking hot and sexy and not taking it rough lol...................giggle, giggle. ;-p

Not Pretty Enough

By AuntyWalnut +6 in the Style of Kasey Chambers
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Why do you see right through me................;-p What can I say had to do it my way lol.....darn frogs always wanna help out lol

More Like Her

By AuntyWalnut +6 in the Style of Miranda Lambert
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Parting Sorrow! Somehow you made me smile when I was sad, you took a chance on a bruised and beaten heart,...................but I guess I should've been more like her............;-p The frogs are at it again, they're such awesome back-up singers lol did it my way :-)


By AuntyWalnut +6 in the Style of Elvis Presley
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Loving me some Elvis.....this is one of the songs me and my cousins sang when we were doing our Elvis impersonations lol I think this was one of our favorites to do lol, we would all gather in my cousins garage there was a raised walk area that we used as a stage, we used brooms as a guitar or a mic and sang our hearts out swings ours hips and curling our lips lol good memories. My cousin had a life size poster of Elvis that we gazed at with loving eyes lol we even gave it a smooch once in awhile lol.......what can I say we were kids. :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) the croaking is my back-up singers lol.

Mama Don't Forget To Pray For Me

By AuntyWalnut +6 Featuring Mrfastpitch12 +4 +19 in the Style of Diamond Rio
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Behind Blue Eyes

By AuntyWalnut +6 in the Style of The Who
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Love this song..............but my dreams they aren't as empty.............. ;-p If ya hear any croaking it's because I have frogs lol.......that's my story and I'm sticking to it lol.

I'll Get Over You

By AuntyWalnut +6 in the Style of Crystal Gayle
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Round 2 Fight like a Girl I love this song and the lyrics...I'll be good as new when I get over you, sometimes I think I love you still, wonder if I always will, I'll get over you. I'm really not a fighter, my emotions get the best of me and I usually end up crying and keeping things bottled up inside and put a smile on my face so everyone thinks I'm okay. To fight like a girl in this song for me is a fight with-in yourself, trying to forget someone telling yourself you don't care, struggling with your feelings, holding it all inside and putting on a front so no one knows your hurting, but crying when your alone trying to push away feelings you don't wanna have for someone who really doesn't care about you, taking on most of the blame asking yourself what you did wrong. It's definitely not a healthy way to handle/cope with things, it's better to talk to someone you trust, get it out come to terms with it and do your best to move on. I believe some of our biggest battles/fights are within ourselves, everyone's battle is unique to them as we are all different and have different personalities. I was in a girl fight/cat fight a few times when I was a kid but only because I was pushed into it and had no choice, it was fight back or let someone kick the crap out of me. I would also jump in if anyone I loved was being hurt, I don't really agree with fighting but sadly sometimes your put in a position where you don't have many options. I think your a better person to walk away and win a personal victory then to fight and win a popularity victory/big head thinking your a tough person victory.

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