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Today I Started Loving You Again

By VGFan4Life 49 +3 in the Style of Merle Haggard
16 views 11 comments 5+
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Thanks for the listens! :)

Last Thing I Needed First Thing This ...

By VGFan4Life 49 +3 in the Style of Willie Nelson
5 views 3 comments 1
Audio Recorded

Just like this song....thanks for listening!

Till A Tear Becomes A Rose

By VGFan4Life 49 +3 Featuring Tx_Knight 30 +1 in the Style of L. Morgan & K. Whitley
13 views 5 comments 2
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Everytime Two Fools Collide

By VGFan4Life 49 +3 Featuring tonyfarmer 30 in the Style of Kenny Rogers & Dottie West
32 views 8 comments 4
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I'd Really Love To See You Tonight

By VGFan4Life 49 +3 Featuring BryTunes +6 in the Style of Dan Seals
42 views 17 comments 4
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Just really like this song so I had to join mister Lawrence Welk wanna be! lol :D

I May Hate Myself In The Morning

By VGFan4Life 49 +3 in the Style of Lee Ann Womack
11 views 1 comment
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Sorry I'm looking a little tired here, lol.... guess graduate school will do that to ya!! lol Thanks for the listens though :)

Love Can Build A Bridge

By VGFan4Life 49 +3 in the Style of The Judds
13 views 3 comments 2
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Hadn't sung this in a long time! Thanks for listening <3

Blue Moon

By VGFan4Life 49 +3 Featuring LeeRogers 43 +1 in the Style of Steve Holy
20 views 5 comments 2
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I Breathe In, I Breathe Out

By VGFan4Life 49 +3 in the Style of Chris Cagle
12 views 8 comments 4
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Hadn't heard this song in forever.... thanks for the listens & comments. <3

Just Someone I Used To Know

By VGFan4Life 49 +3 Featuring A_TxCowboy +11 in the Style of Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner
64 views 10 comments 3
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