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Peel Me A Grape

By DABRINA 84 +1 in the Style of Diana Krall
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Piece By Piece (American Idol Version)

By DABRINA 84 +1 in the Style of Kelly Clarkson
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POP Song Round #2 I decided to pick Piece By Piece by Kelly Clarkson. This song touched me so much when she sang this on American Idol! I watched every season from season 1 where she won to the last season and when she sang this on American Idol there was NOT a dry eye in the place. I decided to enter this very stripped down version in rehearsal she sang I begged you to want me but you didnt want too.before she even started singing it...I can so relate to this song I know and feel the abandonment she felt! and it was very hard me to get through this song too! its such a powerful song in every way and you cant help but shed a tear when you hear it!

Gunpowder & Lead

By DABRINA 84 +1 in the Style of Miranda Lambert
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Bonus Song` GunPowder and Lead- Miranda Lambert

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

By DABRINA 84 +1 in the Style of Bruce Springsteen
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My TWIN joined me for this FUN CHRISTMAS tune and WE decided to jazz it up some and have FUN with it after all this is a FUN song AND... SANTA CLAUSE IS COMING TO TOWN!! :<)))!! and I thought this song needed some jazzing up!!<) I still have a little raspy voice from my cold !! but it works for this song!! since its Bruce Springsteen:<) lol

Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee

By DABRINA 84 +1 in the Style of from Grease
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KNTS Carnival of Music Contest - Film and Theatre grenre Look AT me Im Sandra DEE from Grease a little raspy from a cold

I Still Pray

By DABRINA 84 +1 in the Style of Kasey Chambers & Paul Kelly
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I LOVE this song because no MATTER WHAT is going on in our lives we can always PRAY!! and Prayer always works!!! and im getting over a bad cold right now.hope it sounds ok and God bless everyone! <3

Let It Go

By DABRINA 84 +1 in the Style of James Bay
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Shades of the Past~Love This soft ballad by James Bay it has a special meaning to me because it reminds of a relationship I had in my past with a guy that I really loved and sometimes we just need to LET IT GO! I LOVE the words to this YOU be you and ILl BE MEEEE.. and we need to allow each other to be who WE ARE! and not try and shape each other into who we want them to be. And then our relationships will last and have meaning to them... I wonder had I LET IT GO I might still be with him! I usually submit HIGH energy songs but this time sent in one that is soft and meaningful! hope the words touch you as they did me. Just heard and learned this one recently but knew I had to sing it because it touched my heart so much and I hope it touches yours:<) and if your with someone JUST LET IT GO! and let them be who they ARE and DON'T try and change them to who you want them to be..<3 TYFL Hugssss Dabrina <3

Let It Go

By DABRINA 84 +1 in the Style of James Bay
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Trying this for the first time love this Song forgive me for not doing it all right will try again later Let it Go ~ James Bay the words to this song really touch me! they are sooo REAL "Just Let it Go Let it be...Why dont you be YOU and I'LL be ME!!" wow powerful huh? higher harmony or low which is better? did both..


By DABRINA 84 +1 in the Style of Pharrell Williams
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For The play list I picked hyper HAPPiness!!! <) yep I am and hope this makes you HAPPY TOO:<) have a great day snap friends!!<)!! and think happy thoughts!!!! <3

Penny Lane

By DABRINA 84 +1 in the Style of The Beatles
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In A Beatles mood today!