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Mountain Music

By DABRINA 84 in the Style of Alabama
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Mountain Music ~Alabama I picked this as my main song its about FUN in the Sun in the south and what they do on a sunny day! :<) play music and sing! My twin joined me on this one! Also I lived in the south and it was awesome and the people there are so wonderfully warm and kind! and they play this kind of music right on the streets in town on sunny days! :<) and have old fashioned hoe downs too!<)


By DABRINA 84 in the Style of Elton John
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Bonus Song Daniel ~Elton John

Lips Are Movin

By DABRINA 84 in the Style of Meghan Trainor
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Out of this world!! yea my planet is STARTUNE and there all you do is pick tunes to sing day and night and sing away!!>) under the stars!!!

Cry Like A Baby

By DABRINA 84 in the Style of Kasey Chambers
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NEW song I'm Trying here! and it's National LOLLIPOP DAY! and yea I still suck on LOLLIPOPS and CRY LIKE A BABY LOL

I Am The Walrus

By DABRINA 84 in the Style of The Beatles
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I got the Song I am the Walrus to me this was the STRANGEST song the Beatles did! and John Lennon wrote not my favorite song by them but its interesting and hard to sing it goes all over the place with the melody and lyric ..its a CRAZY song that I guess he wrote and took 3 years to finish. I did a study of this song and wanted to know what it really was about! And its interesting alot of theories who the Eggman really was and who the Walrus was..but its signature Beatles! This was on the album Magical Mystery Tour and it came out in 1967. And a shout out to all my Twitter friends thanks for listening !! This is the Strangest song the Beatles ever wrote- "I Am the Walrus" represents the culmination of years of thinking, dreaming, and experiencing life with a fervor that only an endlessly tormented artistic soul like John Lennon's could withstand. As Norman writes, "The result was a string of random images, fulminating against the repressive forces of law and order, with a sideswipe at credulous souls who pored over his words as if they were Holy Writ." Lennon's songwriting here could even be seen as a product of the collective unconscious, the thoughts and ideas of millions of people and events, influencing Lennon all at once, with each person or idea playing a small part in the larger fabric. It perfectly parallels Yoko's hammer and nails piece. Her invitation for each person to contribute a nail to the work demonstrates that many, many people adding a tiny bit of their creativity to a large project can, in fact, create some very powerful art. Or that was the idea, anyway. From the very beginning, it's clear that "I Am the Walrus" is more interested in tickling our imaginations than making some grand statement on the state of the universe. That doesn't stop die-hard Beatles fans (and Shmoop writers) from trying to unpack the song's lyrical meaning. But maybe what we're missing here is that a piece of art or music doesn't need to have a specific "meaning" for it to profoundly affect us. It's hard to say exactly why we love "I Am the Walrus," and perhaps this is what art is all about: the magical mystery that will forever entertain and please us, but whose power comes from a source that is beyond description and wholly unknown.

Hot Stuff

By DABRINA 84 in the Style of Donna Summer
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Fun in the Sun Contest- Hot Stuff Donna Summer Letter S in Stuff!

Fight Song

By DABRINA 84 in the Style of Rachel Platten
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I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

By DABRINA 84 in the Style of Aerosmith
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Love this had to try it !

Cherry Bomb

By DABRINA 84 in the Style of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
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Trying this cool song!

Cherry Bomb

By DABRINA 84 in the Style of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
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Did this early just had to try this love this song !!