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Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee

By DABRINA 81 1 in the Style of from Grease
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Hollywood Stars Contest=by cats-eyes-4reals Picked Grease! LOVE this movie and all the songs and especially this cute song by Rizzo (Stockard Channing) Thank you for stopping by to listen and a shout out to my twitter friends too!

Harper Valley P.T.A.

By DABRINA 81 1 in the Style of Jeannie C. Riley
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For the Contest- My Choice of Songs I picked Harper Valley P.T.A. A sassy song by Jeannie C. Riley :<)

Chantilly Lace

By DABRINA 81 1 in the Style of Big Bopper
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My Choice of Songs Contest

The Crazy Frog Song

By DABRINA 81 1 in the Style of Crazy Frog
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LMAO the Bonus Song- The Crazy Frog Song tooo funny! Craziest song I EVER sang lol anyway had Fun with it! The Crazy Frog on helium!! haha I just laugh at myself when i do these crazy songs but I love to perform and entertain! where and when I can:<) hope it makes you smile! DING DING BA BA~!!

In The Ghetto

By DABRINA 81 1 in the Style of Elvis Presley
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Sunshiendee's If my Dad Was ****** Contest- I picked Elvis as my Daddy because he would have been such a sweet and tender Daddy as I saw he was with his little Princess Lisa Marie. And my Daddy was like that too with me! And this song In the Ghetto is so moving because when you grow up in the Ghetto you appreciate everything you have an realize what a hard life it is in the Ghetto so I believe Elvis worked hard for his little girl to keep her out of a life like that and keep her happy and safe and my Dad worked very hard too to keep me happy and safe.:<) My heart goes out to anyone raised in the Ghetto its a tough place to grow up like the song says.. And I could see me going to Disney World with Elvis as my Daddy because he would shower me with fun things and rides and yummy food and lots of stuffed animals!!:<) and love! <3 like he did his precious little Lisa Marie! My Daddy never did bring me to Disney -World But I know he would have showered me too with presents and love because he was a very generous man! and may he now RIP I miss him so much! I have been to Disney World since I have been an adult and its an awesome FUN place!!! Also the little girl in the suitcase is Lisa Marie Presley:<)

You Drive Me Crazy

By DABRINA 81 1 in the Style of Britney Spears
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Final Round of Waxxwolfs Crazy Contest sing a song with CRAZY in it and I picked You Drive Me Crazy -Britney Spears yea me love me soome Britney!


By DABRINA 81 1 in the Style of Don McLean
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Ok now im serious! this is such a beautiful yet sad ballad had to try it:<) Vincent <3

With A Little Help From My Friends

By DABRINA 81 1 Featuring LivinaDreamtoSing 67 in the Style of The Beatles
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By DABRINA 81 1 in the Style of Daryl Hall & John Oates
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Ok screwed this one up but Im having fun the old Dabrina is back lolol I dont care if its perfect I JUST LIKE to sing!!<) hope it makes you smile!!!! <3

Love Potion No. 9

By DABRINA 81 1 in the Style of The Searchers
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Lmbo in a goofy mood having fun with this one!!