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Wherever You Are - Live Piano Version

By Ada 5
57 views 18 comments 5+
Video Recorded

Piano version of Wherever You Are by Ada Original Lyrics and Music by Ada (2016) My mic doesn't like my piano, so I apologize for the distortion.


By Ada 5 in the Style of Sublime
25 views 3 comments 4
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Gender~Bender ***Explicit - May not be suitable for all audiences***

If I Were A Boy

By Ada 5 in the Style of Beyoncé
41 views 11 comments 5+
Video Recorded

Feature :)

I Wanna Fall In Love

By Ada 5 in the Style of Lila McCann
14 views 3 comments 2
Video Recorded

Just for fun

Better In Time

By Ada 5 in the Style of Leona Lewis
7 views 3 comments 1
Video Recorded

It's All Coming Back To Me Now

By Ada 5 in the Style of Celine Dion
43 views 5 comments 2
Video Recorded

Wherever You Are

By Ada 5
43 views 12 comments 5+
Video Recorded

Today was the 3 year anniversary of my mom's passing away, and a very dear friend of mine also lost his mom today. So I dedicate this song to both of us, as we share this day of remembrance together. <3 ya Pauley. Lyrics and Music by Ada, 2015

I Hope You Dance

By Ada 5 in the Style of Lee Ann Womack
33 views 7 comments 5+
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The Devil Went Down To Georgia

By Ada 5 in the Style of Charlie Daniels
18 views 1 comment 3
Audio Recorded

Just for fun.. I was playing the "air fiddle" through this entire song... sorry no cam, you'll have to imagine it lol

Chances Are - Hope Floats

By Ada 5 in the Style of Martina McBride & Bob Seger
11 views 1 comment 1
Audio Recorded

Duet with myself :) tee hee