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Jar Of Hearts

By softnsweet372006 63 2 in the Style of Christina Perri
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Amazing Grace

By softnsweet372006 63 2 in the Style of Traditional
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For you Uncle Pauley, <3 She'll always be a part of our singsnap family .. RIP

Rock Me Baby

By softnsweet372006 63 2 in the Style of B.B. King
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Lol Leon you're crazy to ask me to do this haha

I'm Movin' On

By softnsweet372006 63 2 in the Style of Rascal Flatts
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Welcome To The SingSnap Sideshow! You're invited to take a walk down the Magical Midway and visit the one of a kind, SingSnap Circus! We have special treats that will make your taste buds tingle; terrifying rides that will be thrill you to the core - but there is one teeny, tiny thing missing - The Entertainment! And that's where you come into play! Audition For The SingSnap Sideshow! We are now accepting auditions for the SingSnap Sideshow! Everyone who auditions will automatically be awarded a very special achievement badge and a banner to decorate their profile! We are looking for all kinds of interesting and unique talent, so if you're up for the job - read below! SingSnap Sideshow Challenge Details! Please ensure you complete both parts of the challenge outlined below! SingSnap Sideshow Challenge - Part A: You may sing any song you'd like from the Feature Page on Friday May 15, 2015.. If you know which songs you would like to sing you can request them here! SingSnap Sideshow Challenge - Part B: We want you to create your very own side show character! Whether you're a bit freaky or a bit fun - everyone is welcome! If you're on cam, we want you to dress the part! Are you a bearded lady? Covered in Tattoos? Maybe you swallow microphones for a living! We want to SEE your act! If you are doing audio only, in your song comment section - please describe what kind of side act you do, what you look like or what your special talents are! Id look exactly like me, a clown, my special talent would be making everyone laugh.

When You're Gone

By softnsweet372006 63 2 in the Style of Avril Lavigne
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The House That Built Me

By softnsweet372006 63 2 in the Style of Miranda Lambert
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I miss the house that built me :(

Closest Thing To Crazy

By softnsweet372006 63 2 in the Style of Katie Melua
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Let's Increase The Peace on SingSnap! May 8th is recognized at V Day in most of the world and marks the 'beginning of the end' of World War II. In commemoration of this, we've decided to host a challenge all about keeping and increasing the Peace! Even on SingSnap, things get heated, people get hateful and things get personal! So on this day, even in our tiny corner of the WWW - let's unite and promote a peaceful Friday! In your song comment section we want you to write us a story and tell us about a time in your life when you did something to increase the peace. Whether it be forgive someone, act as a neutral party in a disagreement or perhaps you protested for something you believed in! Share your story! ****************************************************** Many times in my lifetime one way or another I have tried to keep the peace. I don't like when things are tipsyturvy in my life or others, so I always try to look at things in a different perspective. Constantly, people are coming to me in my real life/online life, where they are upset with someone or something. I always listen, and then share my opinion, whether or not they like to hear it. Most times the advice I give is a more peaceful and positive one. I give them advice on looking at things in a different way instead of being closeminded in another way. Alot of times that actually works and they not only forget, and forgive but remain friends with the person they were mad at in the first place. I love spreading happiness around, maybe it's a selfish act on my part, because a happier world is a happier me :). Peace out :)


By softnsweet372006 63 2 in the Style of Natasha Bedingfield
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White Flag

By softnsweet372006 63 2 in the Style of Dido
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I Don't Believe You

By softnsweet372006 63 2 in the Style of Pink
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