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You've Got What It Takes

By AnsNL +4 Featuring Fuzzy 8 in the Style of Showaddywaddy
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After two weeks i got my sound back so i had to sing even it's 2 AM (and i spoiled your song Fuzzy sweetie LOL)

Do You Want To Know A Secret

By AnsNL +4 in the Style of The Beatles
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Video Recorded

That oow oohoooo is to high for me..Grrrrr And thank you for your listen! :)

I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door

By AnsNL +4 in the Style of Billy Crash Craddock
57 views 2 comments 2
Audio Recorded

Thanks for listening !!

The Lambeth Walk

By AnsNL +4 in the Style of Piano Singalong
71 views 3 comments 1
Audio Recorded

Oh Boy!!! This sure IS an oldie but i love Oldies! Thanks for your listen (till the end??)

Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woog...

By AnsNL +4 in the Style of Johnny Rivers
34 views 2 comments
Audio Recorded

SS is going to slow with changing the pages so i'm missing first lines Hahahaha! And i hear the bass boom boom boom.. Well maybe it's my puter...

Close To Thee

By AnsNL +4 in the Style of Standard Gospel
87 views 3 comments 2
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After many talks with my GOOD CHRISTIAN friend Fuzzy and my sister Marga i will be baptized nxt month!!! This song i dedicate to both of them..

Devil Woman

By AnsNL +4 in the Style of Marty Robbins
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Gender Bender It's one of my dad's fav. songs.. He passed away and because in 3 days it's his BD i dedicate this song to him.. Maybe i'll try again a lill higher..

Blueberry Hill

By AnsNL +4 in the Style of Louis Armstrong
42 views 3 comments 2
Audio Recorded

I've tried 4 times but my voice keeps changing from loud to soft.. I don't know if it's mixer or me... But thanks for listening!!