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You Don't Know Me

By steelyjan Featuring swendl in the Style of Ray Charles & Diana Krall
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I've Got To See You Again

By steelyjan in the Style of Norah Jones
37 views 11 comments 4
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Doctor appt this morning so I had only a short time for some crazy fun. ( hoping to get off the meds that give me all these nasty bruises)

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

By steelyjan in the Style of Norah Jones
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Singing is now a part of my therapy to beat the odds of COPD.. Some days are better than most. I was told I would probably never again be able to get enough air into my lungs to get through an entire song, but to at least keep trying, keep singing... I intend to do just that and I have managed to get through more than one song... not sounding too good but that is not what matters anyway. Never take NO for an answer. God works in Mysterious ways and HE is in control :-)

Ain't That A Kick In The Head

By steelyjan in the Style of Dean Martin
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Just having some much needed fun :)

Baby I love You

By steelyjan in the Style of Aretha Franklin
28 views 4 comments 4
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I saw my lung doctor today and he told me to sing my heart out and it will strengthen my lungs, so I used my inhalers and then gave it a try. I don`t sound too good but it sure felt good :)

Drift Away

By steelyjan Featuring evertc in the Style of Dobie Gray
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I loved doing this song with you Evert... Hugs sweet friend :)

Wind Beneath My Wings

By steelyjan in the Style of Bette Midler
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Just spent a week in the hospital on oxygen, fighting for every breath. I was told I may not be able to sing again with this COPD but I had to try. Not a good sing but my way of thanking everyone who kept in touch with me through emails, messages and most of all prayers. You touched my heart and you all truly are the wind beneath my wings...thank you

Husbands And Wives

By steelyjan in the Style of Roger Miller
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So Very True

Pearly Shells

By steelyjan in the Style of Burl Ives
21 views 10 comments 4
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Dreaming of sea shells on the beach on this rainy and gloomy Tampa day lol

Tiny Bubbles

By steelyjan in the Style of Don Ho
21 views 7 comments 3
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Pop, pop, pop