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Mercy Mercy Me

By steelyjan +6 in the Style of Marvin Gaye
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One of my favorite singers from the 60`s... Love all his music. The 60`s...before major pollution, global warming.... yea Marvin had it together with the environment, way ahead of his time there

White Christmas

By steelyjan +6 in the Style of The Drifters
17 views 4 comments 4
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No white Christmas here in Florida lol

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

By steelyjan +6 in the Style of Toby Keith
2 views 0 comments
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Silent Night

By steelyjan +6 Featuring bethybug138 +5 in the Style of Country Christmas
23 views 12 comments 5+
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Bring It On Home To Me

By steelyjan +6 Featuring MrBlue_Eyes in the Style of Wilson Pickett
5 views 1 comment 1
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Been awhile since I sang with Len and this is a fun song. Thank you Len

Old Man

By steelyjan +6 Featuring Torrielynnmusic in the Style of Neil Young
13 views 4 comments 3
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What a treat to sing with Torrie...what an amazing voice she has!! Thanks g/f :)

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

By steelyjan +6 in the Style of Rascal Flatts
18 views 11 comments 4
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Trying to get into the spirit of`s all about the birth of Jesus :)

Baby, It's Cold Outside

By steelyjan +6 in the Style of Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews
57 views 12 comments 5
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Open Duet... The Big Easy joined me on this one..I cannot transfer it to my page but Joseph is fabulous, one of my very favorite singers here on SS. Please check out our duet....

Missing You

By steelyjan +6 in the Style of Tina Turner
73 views 32 comments 5+
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I felt like singing to get my mind off the pain rather than take a strong pain pill lol My surgery got cancelled, more problems in the spine than first thought so I have to see a neurosurgeon because I am looking at a 2 week hospital stay on a morphine drip. Not a good sing but a great song especially when one is missing someone :)

It's In His Kiss

By steelyjan +6 in the Style of Cher
64 views 19 comments 5+
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Everyone watching sports on T.V. so since I am not into that I decided to play around with some oldies :)