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#content {display:none;} #submenu {visibility:hidden;} body {background-color:#1593AA; background-image:url(;} #cbodytop {background-image:url(; width:775px; height:19px;} #cbodymain {background-image:url(;width:775px;} #cbodybot {background-image:url(;width:775px; height:19px;} #cmainspacer {width:750px; text-align:left;} #csect1 {font-weight:bold; color:#FE7200; display:block; margin: 5px auto 15px auto;} .que {font-family:arial; font-weight:bold; font-size:18px; display:block;} .ans {font-family:arial; font-size:14px;} hr {width:300px; height:3px; margin:15px auto 10px auto } .bold {font-weight:bold; font-size:12px;} Welcome to chat! The video of the chat interface above and the FAQs below will help get you familiar with how the room works. How do i type in the room? Below the main chat box, you will see a thin text entry box. Type in that box and either hit ENTER on your keyboard or click on the SEND button to the right to display your text to the other users. Clicking the STYLE button on the left end of the text entry box will allow you to customize your text. Oh, and TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS CONSIDERED SHOUTING, so please don't yell at us unless you mean it! :D How do I listen to people sing? To find the person currently singing, look at the names list on the left side of the window. You will normally see one name with a green "A" flag to the left of it. That means that person has their audio turned on and you simply click on their name to tune in. If there is no "A" flag, that means we are between singers and a new singer will be up shortly. *** A common mistake is to click on the "A" below your ME box at the bottom of the chat window. DON'T DO IT!!! :D That will turn on YOUR mic and can cause a feedback loop with the current singer. Can I see other people on cam? Much like looking for the person who is currently on mic, if there is a green "V" flag in that left column, that user has enabled video, and you can view them by clicking on their name. Once you are tuned in to a person, you have the option to "dock" them by clicking the DOCK button below their video. You can dock up to 3 users at a time. How do I turn on my camera? Below the main chat area, you will see a box labelled "Me". Clicking on the "V" in that box will turn your cam on. You may be presented with a security warning in which you need to click on "allow" to let your cam show. Remember, don't click on the "A", since that turns on your mic, and only the current singer should have their mic on. What the heck are all those CCCCCCCCCC's?????? The C's you see represent clapping, and usually mean someone has just finished singing. How do I know who is up next to sing? Watch the chat, you will see a list of names being posted in the room. That is the order of singers. Can I criticize the singers?? Easy answer: NO.. We are all here to have fun, and if a singer's style doesn't suit your taste, please keep any negative comments to yourself. How do I send a personal message to a specific user? To whisper, type message including the brackets. To whisper to an admin, you must also include the (chat-admin) tag within the < > brackets, with a single space between the name and the tag. Examples: wow!! that was a great song!! WAKE UP!! Is there an age requirement for chat? Yes, chat is for SingSnap users that are atleast 18 years old. If your child would like to participate in chat, they are welcome to as long as there is a responsible parent or guardian participating with them. What other rules are there? The major rules are: no cursing in text, no nudity or near-nudity (this means you too guys, grab a shirt before you cam up), don't post links in public (you may, however, whisper them), and please don't discuss or display illegal activity in text or on cam (including drug use or throwing kittens, hehehe). Complete List of Rules