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By Chelo 55 In the Style Of Nicole C. Mullen
9 Views 2 Comments 2
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Got to go to a new church today and I still wanted more worship when I was done. I probably should have reviewed the ...

unbreak my heart

By Chelo 55 In the Style Of Tony Braxton
4 Views 1 Comment 1
Audio Recorded

That'll teach me to do one take attempts on new CS songs. Timing is a bit off on the lyrics and I may have improvised...

Somewhere Out There

By Chelo 55 Featuring Oakie 86 In the Style Of Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram
8 Views 2 Comments 2
Audio Recorded

Thank you so much for this awesome open duet. Loved the flute at the beginning, and the harmony is excellent! Adding ...

Jesus Will Still Be There (with BGV)

By Chelo 55 In the Style Of Point Of Grace
15 Views 6 Comments 3
Audio Recorded

Feeling rough again (another cold maybe), but the worship was real. Needed this song today. <3

I'll Never Love Again

By Chelo 55 In the Style Of Lady Gaga
23 Views 8 Comments 4
Audio Recorded

Huh. The song I uploaded got featured. Well, have to do it again. Huh again. I hadn't realized how much I had forgott...

Halo / Walking On Sunshine

By Chelo 55 In the Style Of Glee Cast
7 Views 2 Comments 1
Audio Recorded

This is a mash-up of "Halo" and "Walking on Sunshine" from Glee. The girls are supposed to be hyped up on amphetamine...

Part Of Your World

By Chelo 55 In the Style Of The Little Mermaid (Disney)
9 Views 2 Comments 1
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I pretty much can't resist when this song comes up, even when I know I need to go. Last song for the day. :)

Arms Of Love

By Chelo 55 In the Style Of Amy Grant
6 Views 1 Comment
Audio Recorded

This has been one of my go-to songs when I'm down or struggling since the late 80's. It's low, but my voice hasn't wo...

Oh Tonight

By Chelo 55 Featuring Burkjr 75 In the Style Of Josh Abbott Band & Kacey Musgraves
11 Views 4 Comments 1
Audio Recorded

I think maybe I should have practiced it a few more times, but I'm running out of free time... supposed to be packing...

I Just Can't Stop Loving You

By Chelo 55 Featuring pirscuered 81 In the Style Of Michael Jackson Seidah Garrett
8 Views 5 Comments 1
Audio Recorded

Going to need to mess with my settings after we move, but I finally got to do this lovely open duet with Piscuered. S...