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Folsom Prison Blues

By Double-D- in the Style of Johnny Cash
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Dawn's SS Country Idol Contest Tribute Song Submission. Thanks for tuning in! :-)

Old Blue Chair

By Double-D- in the Style of Kenny Chesney
300 views 44 comments 5+
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Hello Everyone! I have not been on SingSnap that long but am really liking my stay here! My name is Dru; most of my friends call me Double D due to my initials. I really enjoy singing and yes, everywhere I go my vocals get compared a lot to Chesney. I guess we have similar tone. This is one of my favorites from him in MY voice, however it may sound similar! :-) Thanks for listening! -DD-

Better As A Memory

By Double-D- in the Style of Kenny Chesney
632 views 59 comments 5+
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By Double-D- in the Style of Jimmy Buffett
274 views 33 comments 5+
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Friends In Low Places

By Double-D- in the Style of Garth Brooks
482 views 40 comments 5+
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Hi y'all! I want to thank everyone that took a listen and left their comments below. To answer some questions that people are asking me: Do I do anything professionally? Ha! No, but I am flattered by the question. I've had no vocal training other than in 7th and 8th when I was in the school choir. :-) What is Double-D? Friends of mine call me that from time to time. It's my initials to my name and has become a stage name when I'm around town doing some live karaoke. My first name is Dru. :-) I'm currently looking at this track to possibly submit to a local talent search they are doing in my town. If I win the local search, I'll be sent down to Nashville to perform on the national stage at the world renown Tootsie's. If anyone here thinks that this exact song would be good to submit for my running, leave a comment and let me know. I'm open to any thoughts, good or bad. Thanks to all of you for listening. I plan to make some more tracks in the future. It's good to be at SingSnap! ;-) DD

The Man I Want To Be

By Double-D- in the Style of Chris Young
220 views 43 comments 5+
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1st stab at this song. Need a couple more to get it right. Little rushed. :-\