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Ain't No Sunshine

By Yellowfin 30 in the Style of Bill Withers
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Hey, One of ours is down and can't sing and Rocker_girl loves to sing, like every day and so give her a shout out please don't let her be alone with the pain....we miss you Girl!!!

Only The Lonely

By Yellowfin 30 in the Style of Roy Orbison
22 views 6 comments 4
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Look At Us

By Yellowfin 30 in the Style of Vince Gill
18 views 12 comments 3
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I'm not all in country music but I do love this country song....and Vince Gill's orbisonian voice (I miss Roy Orbison's presence in music) I wanted to do it today thanks for listening............I will visit to hear you

I Wanna Be Around

By Yellowfin 30 in the Style of Tony Bennett
7 views 3 comments 2
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Love On The Rocks

By Yellowfin 30 in the Style of Neil Diamond
8 views 7 comments 3
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Love Me

By Yellowfin 30 in the Style of Elvis Presley
13 views 2 comments 1
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This one won't be up very long. Being too comfortable to get up to put a shirt on was a bad decision even if there are no pimples or divits showing. At least it does not get any worse ......well, except for one other thing.... I want to hit every note! One missed note off key and it can spoil the whole thing. I'm sorry for you listeners that hear it. It means you have perfect pitch so be happy I may never post one like I want you to hear it and I am trying very hard. I take down as many as are up once I hear that note that can spoil it ok, no more shirtless ones

When You Wish Upon A Star

By Yellowfin 30 in the Style of Louis Armstrong
16 views 7 comments 5
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Lonely Street

By Yellowfin 30 in the Style of Andy Williams
11 views 14 comments 4
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