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By Jodi1971 102 +1 In the Style Of John Lennon
20 Views 5 Comments 4
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My dragon. Well, I have a couple of them. But the biggest one is finally figuring out that I'm good enough. I'm enoug...

Please Come Home For Christmas

By Jodi1971 102 +1 In the Style Of Eagles
14 Views 2 Comments 4
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This is for Christmas in July on SingSnap :) TYFL :)

I Want To Be Loved Like That

By Jodi1971 102 +1 In the Style Of Shenandoah
31 Views 7 Comments 5
Audio Recorded

What love means to me... It means loving myself, forgiving myself. Because I can only truly love others when that hap...

Out Here On My Own

By Jodi1971 102 +1 In the Style Of Irene Cara
35 Views 10 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

This song is from the 1980 movie "Fame". This was one of the first "grown-up" movies I had seen (meaning that it wasn...

Dancing Queen

By Jodi1971 102 +1 In the Style Of ABBA
71 Views 13 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

My dance is just to move to the beat of the song. Nothing fancy... it's all about having fun and enjoying the music. ...

Can You Feel The Love Tonight

By Jodi1971 102 +1 In the Style Of Elton John
77 Views 4 Comments 3
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Iko Iko

By Jodi1971 102 +1 In the Style Of The Dixie Cups (Hit Crew Masters Ver)
48 Views 12 Comments 5+
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I think the most influential musician of the 1960s was Bob Dylan. His voice isn't great (in my opinion), and his styl...

Love Will Keep Us Alive (No Backing V...

By Jodi1971 102 +1 In the Style Of Eagles
69 Views 7 Comments 5+
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Sorry for all the background noise - my air conditioner is working overtime LOL TYFL <3

Peace On Earth (The Little Drummer Boy)

By Jodi1971 102 +1 Featuring Time_Passages In the Style Of Bing Crosby & David Bowie
43 Views 8 Comments 5
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Thank you, Hugh, for this beautiful duet! :)

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

By Jodi1971 102 +1 Featuring SingSnap 19 In the Style Of Christmas
39 Views 4 Comments 4
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