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Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town

Video Recorded by Cherokee92 in the Style of Traditional.
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For my grandson's Christopher and Matthew See ya soon boys.. Grampy's a feeling a little sick so he can't sing right now but maybe he'll join me later.. and sorry about the video don't know why it's appears blurry.. love Nana.

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

Video Recorded by Cherokee92 & THEUNKNOWNSINGER1986 in the Style of Traditional.
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THIS IS A MULTI-SINGER PROJECT DESIGNED FOR TWELVE, AS LISTED BELOW... START FROM THE TOP LEFT ON THE BANNER AND WORK YOUR WAY AROUND CLOCKWISE! PICTURES ARE IN ORDER OF SINGERS! AND LINKS ARE TOO THEIR PAGES: Singer 1 ~ Cherokee92 Singer2 ~ Mattik1783 (Son) Singer 3 ~ MissAshland1954 (Mother) Singer 4 ~ TheUnknownSinger1986 (Filling in for Alpatty74(dad) Singer 5 ~ float2shore Singer 6 ~ Jdawgsc Singer 7~ pixysparkles85 Singer 8 ~ Indy_Rosser 9 Ladies Dancing Singer 9 ~ Sukiesan "Special Thanks for Bailing us out" Singer 10 ~ cap25 Singer 11 ~ Lollymop Singer 12 ~ TheUnknownSinger1986 (Better half) Nicely done everyone.. and thanks for making this happen.. It took us over 3 days but I hope you all enjoyed it.. We made it to the Hall Of Fame on Dec 2nd 2010 Now On Page #1 As of Jan 22 stuck on #3 Well we only made it to number two but as of today 03/26/2011 we are still on Page 3 number 9 .. awesome! Two All Participants to POST on their page! MERRY CHRISTMAS ~ FROM CHEROKEE92 To Nominate this recording click this link: Thanks for all the votes.. and kind comments.. Check out this Youtube version.. ALSO WAS FEATURED ON: 2011's Christmas Group Song.. Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas..

All My Friends Say

Video Recorded by Cherokee92 & float2shore in the Style of Luke Bryan.
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Strong Enough To Bend

Video Recorded by Cherokee92 in the Style of Tanya Tucker.
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Skillfully Lucky - Country - Round 1 Feature: (normal key) Seems there has been a mesh up on the pairing.. This was my opponent.. JENNIFERS Needless to say I "did not" make in into round 2.. Thank you for listening and commenting. Hearing from my SS friends truly makes my day. I use to do this one as a duet with my son Mattik1783 when he was 6yrs old.. Redid it in Oct. 2009 with the better half as a duet.. but sure would like to get Matt to join me again.. Just click on the link below.. "Click to listen" I set it up for ya..

Puff The Magic Dragon

Video Recorded by Cherokee92 & THEUNKNOWNSINGER1986 in the Style of Peter, Paul And Mary.
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For the Feature page: and our Grandchildren in Massachusetts ~ Matthew and Christopher Love Nana and Grampy!

Since I Found You

Video Recorded by Cherokee92 in the Style of Sweethearts Of The Rodeo.
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JUST COUNTRY ~ ROUND TWO: (d2) Song #2 Sing any Country love song that you would sing to your sweetheart. Here you go .. Dedicated to Theunknownsinger1986 Thank you for your comments .. Please leave a link to your entry! Thank you, cherokee92

Old MacDonald Had A Farm

Video Recorded by Cherokee92 in the Style of Traditional.
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Sending this one out to my grandchildren Matthew and Christopher. 2 Year old twins In Massachusetts. Miss you both.. Hope to see you soon. Maybe Grampy will join me later.. XOXO NANA

Lookin' Out My Back Door

Video Recorded by Cherokee92 in the Style of Creedence Clearwater Revival.
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Rocktober - The Younger Years - Week Two! Click on the banner above to go to the contest and playlists: Challenge this week will consist of two parts: Part One: Commencing at 12:00 AM (midnight) on October 8, 2010 - sing any song from the Feature Page. The song must be dated October 8, 2010 to be considered. Part Two: Answer the following question and put it in your recording comment section. When you think of Rock N' Roll - Which artist/band comes to mind and WHY? Answer: Creedence Clearwater Revival because I like there guitar sounds and remember hearing this in the car.. CCR's music is still a staple of American and worldwide radio airplay .

The House That Built Me

Video Recorded by Cherokee92 in the Style of Miranda Lambert.
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2nd attempt on this one.. New from Chartbuster on Friday 9/17/2010

Good Kind Of Crazy

Video Recorded by Cherokee92 in the Style of Amy Dalley.
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Summerfest Challenge - Week Six Our goal this week is to have some more fun in the sun, relaxing on your beach blanket while playing a good ole fashioned game of B - I - N - G - O !!! Beach Blanket Bingo! All we have to do is select a number from the Bingo Card. Then on Thursday night they will reveal three pre-determined songs that are hidden beneath each bingo number! I will then be able to select whichever of those three songs you want and earn your summer sun! I picked G56 (for the year I was born) Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys Good Kind Of Crazy - Amy Dalley Good Ol' Boys - Waylon Jennings A new one for me and I think I'm the 3rd person to sing this since 2008 I messed up the words a few times, but every time I tried to say "Gigolo" it came out wrong. Maybe if they spelled it Jigalo, I might of gotten it right, I guess I'll be re-doing this one again.. Good luck everyone! Week Six saw Snappers grab their beach towels and bingo markers and enjoy a day of fun in the sun while playing a good ole' fashioned game of B I N G O! Playlist 1 ~ Playlist 2 ~ Playlist 3 ~ Playlist 4 ~ Playlist 5 ~ Click on the banner if you want to hear my first attempt.. LOL

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