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Lords Prayer

By SibbyP 40 in the Style of Standard
54 views 17 comments 5+
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There is so much heartache and turmoil going on in the world that we need to remember the serenity prayer…this is the time we need to pray….we need to come to together….we need to love ourselves…we need to learn how to depend on each other and we need to make our own foundation within the world…let’s start dropping to our knees in prayer to God and learn to love each other and respect one another…people need to understand we are all made in the image of God so let’s start caring about our fellowman….PEOPLE LOVE LOVE LOVE....AMEN

One Foot Wrong

By SibbyP 40 in the Style of Pink
24 views comments off
Audio Recorded

A New Day

By SibbyP 40 in the Style of Patti LaBelle
73 views 14 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

5 O'Clock

By SibbyP 40 in the Style of Nonchalant
26 views 4 comments 4
Audio Recorded

DUET DUET....Now I'm no rapper but I tried ... Love that layed back beat groovy ....having a little fun :)

One Last Night

By SibbyP 40 in the Style of Vaults
51 views 22 comments 5+
Video Recorded

All this time on my hands...oh what shall I do LOL...Ooooooo Yesss I love this song...this is the kind of song that puts you in the mood for salsa the beat :)

Sunshine After The Rain

By SibbyP 40 Featuring MLP +1 in the Style of Elkie Brooks
59 views 16 comments 5+
Video Recorded

OMG I didn't know they had this song on here...I haven't heard this song in ages...MLP I don't know what else to say but you're Awesome! School is out for the summer and no students until August Whoopi!!! I'm so ready :)

Love's Divine

By SibbyP 40 in the Style of Seal
52 views 13 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

When you love someone, you love the person as they are, and not as you'd like them to be

Hands To Myself

By SibbyP 40 in the Style of Selena Gomez
56 views 12 comments 5
Video Recorded

What a cute song :)

When He Shines

By SibbyP 40 in the Style of Sheena Easton
48 views 13 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

WOW what a beautiful song so I would like to dedicate this song to people all over the world as everyone has that one man in their life who is special to them and this is what the song is about :)

Thinking Of You

By SibbyP 40 in the Style of Tony Toni Tone
28 views 11 comments 4
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