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By SibbyP 24 in the Style of Gareth Gates
11 views 9 comments 3
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I just love this song :)

Lay Me Down (Comic Relief)

By SibbyP 24 in the Style of Sam Smith & John Legend
36 views 7 comments 3
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The Closer I Get To You

By SibbyP 24 Featuring kick-em 23 in the Style of Luther Vandross & Beyoncé Knowles
45 views 14 comments 5+
Video Recorded

The Fox

By SibbyP 24 in the Style of Ylvis
20 views 14 comments 5
Video Recorded

Don't have no idea how this song is suppose to grand daughter says "What In The World Grandma" I think she was trying to tell me to be quiet cause I'm messing her up LOL...I love my Nia Boo when she visits me...we have lots of fun :)


By SibbyP 24 in the Style of Maria Lawson
16 views 17 comments 4
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Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!!!!!!!!! tomorrow

Ocean Drive

By SibbyP 24 in the Style of The Lighthouse Family
17 views 10 comments 5+
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By SibbyP 24 in the Style of The Lighthouse Family
23 views 15 comments 5
Video Recorded

Love this song...I thank everyone for stopping in for a listen :)

Close My Eyes Forever

By SibbyP 24 Featuring PowerofPresence 20 in the Style of Ozzy Osbourne & Lita Ford
9 views 3 comments 1
Video Recorded

What I Need

By SibbyP 24 in the Style of Crystal Waters
19 views 10 comments 3
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Ok I'm out of breath but feeling fantastic should never drink and sing LOL...Have a wonderful Sunday SS friends

Like Red On A Rose

By SibbyP 24 Featuring MLP +1 in the Style of Alan Jackson
25 views 11 comments 5+
Video Recorded

" A Red Rose for You" :) One of my favorite songs to sing and when I saw my friend MLP put this out as a I was excited...MLP and SibbyP together magical my friend :) MLP simply Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sweet folks for dropping in for a listen :)