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Sister Golden Hair

By Cilla10 Featuring LordoftheStrings 12 in the Style of America
223 views 42 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Well here is a great song and I just had to join Terry on this... Sorry Terry it didn't come out as I would have liked on my part...but was good to join you on this Thank you Terry for the many great songs you share with us! You're awesome! Thanks kindly for listens... Comments too, Hugzzzzz

True Love Ways

By Cilla10 in the Style of Mickey Gilley
131 views 27 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Thanks kindly for your visit.. :)

Don't Leave Me Now

By Cilla10 in the Style of Elvis Presley
123 views 28 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Feels good to sing one on singsnap again.. Been too long.. :) Thank you for your visits... Hugss


By Cilla10 in the Style of Elvis Presley
93 views 17 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Feels good to have sang one... :) Thank you for your visit. Hugs & Blessings ~


By Cilla10 Featuring objoe 36 in the Style of Peaches & Herb
250 views 44 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Joe thank you for the open duet. It was a pleasure to join you on this! Thanks kindly for listens...

Don't Ask Me Why

By Cilla10 in the Style of Elvis Presley
168 views 35 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Not exactly how I wanted it but it's going to have to be good enough till I learn how to sing better... So out of practice....Help! LOL! Thank you kindly for listening..

Golden Ring

By Cilla10 Featuring king2 in the Style of George Jones & Tammy Wynette
128 views 21 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Elvis, I hope it was alright with you, that I joined you on this great country classic Duo.. Thank you... Thanks kindly for listens...

Treat Me Nice

By Cilla10 in the Style of Elvis Presley
127 views 31 comments
Audio Recorded

One for the KING:) Happy Birthday Elvis :) Thanks kindly for listens.. Hugs, Cilla

Love Me Tender

By Cilla10 Featuring RodKnee 16 in the Style of Elvis Presley
115 views 12 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Thank you Rodney, My Dear friend, for having this beautiful Elvis duet song open and secondly.. for the beautiful guitar playing you did! It was so very nice to join you on this duet... "Thank You and May God Bless You Always" "Thanks Kindly for listens..., It is appreciated" Hugs, Cilla