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Let's Twist Again
Chubby Checker

To Make You Feel...
Garth Brooks

Young And Beautiful
Elvis Presley

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Steppin' Out With My Baby

By Tony58 In the Style Of Tony Bennett
31 Views 5 Comments 3
Video Recorded

Today is a elegant evening dining with sparkling candle lights and sensually romantic dancing. Are you ready? I'll w...

C. C. Rider

By Tony58 In the Style Of Elvis Presley
45 Views 11 Comments 5
Video Recorded

A fun old timeless song from The King! I hope you enjoy my simple way. Y, T, F and E . . . hehe! :d :p Have a amazing...

Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On

By Tony58 In the Style Of Dean Martin
33 Views 8 Comments 3
Video Recorded

A nice country song from Dino, I learned today. I want the pillow you sleep and dream! Please, send me! :d :p Y, T. F...

True Love Ways

By Tony58 Featuring MissMass72 In the Style Of Buddy Holly
51 Views 9 Comments 3
Video Recorded

Recalling this poignant romantic song, originally performed in December 2012. Sweet Princess, you're The Best! The mo...

Can't Help Falling In Love

By Tony58 In the Style Of Michael Bublé
73 Views 18 Comments 4
Video Recorded

Delicacy and softness is the predominance of the essence of this version of Mr. Bublé, for this classic. This song go...

My Cup Runneth Over

By Tony58 In the Style Of Ed Ames
101 Views 22 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

I do not know how I've lived for so many years without knowing this so touching song! I was on YouTube reviewing old ...

California Dreamin'

By Tony58 In the Style Of The Mamas and The Papas
55 Views 13 Comments 4
Video Recorded

Great lovely timeless song. It's my first foray into these dreamy California musical plagues. I hope I have not sacri...

Blue Eyes

By Tony58 In the Style Of Elton John
102 Views 16 Comments 5
Video Recorded

I have not sing for more than 50 days, my SS visits are very rare. :o :-( Today I try this wonderful of the Elton Joh...

Se Piangi Se Ridi

By Tony58 In the Style Of Bobby Solo
153 Views 15 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

Quickly coming to SS and singing in a single take! Sorry for any fault. :o This is an old romantic Italian song from ...

Danny Boy

By Tony58 In the Style Of Ray Price
89 Views 12 Comments 2
Video Recorded

A classic and sad Irish song, but really very touching. The musical notes are quite high to me, I hope I have not spo...