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Try To Remember

By Tony58 +2 in the Style of Ballads
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Hi there, my sweet friends! Only read if you find it interesting. I warn that this could happen to you at some time. With little time I have available lately for the SS, I had enough work to sing, put background, statement, etc. Well, two members of the SS fought a battle in one of my songs "My aphrodisiac Is You". The guy said totally inconvenient and unnecessary things to the lady. The lady who lives in the same country as me, felt threatened because the guy said he knows where she lives and would go there, threatening way. This lady asked me to not delete the comments, because it would be the only public evidence that she had against the guy. Well, so far it's just a disagreement between someone on my page. The Technical Department imposed a dictatorial attitude to me: 1- I take the song to the private. 2- I share with the lady in the Inner Circle. 3- I delete the comments. 4- They would delete the comment. I said SingSnap is just a media outlet, that sells space to be used and commented by paying members. I always paid in advance six months to have the Right of Use of the site's appeal. I have democratic right about my songs, the right to put public or private. Even after this fact I placed an advance notice of inappropriate content. Then, you become aware that you have no right over your song and comments on it. The attacker guy was not punished and singing normally, as if nothing had happened. The SS did not punish the offender, but punished me! I never did not write a single line offending anyone. Everyone who knows me here, knows about my respectful behavior and kindness. But I was punished! It's sad, but it is reality. For now I will not sing, not comment on the songs. I do not know if I come back some day, to sing again. I would like to thank the warmth of every friend I made here, thank the good pleasant moments that music provides, humanistic interaction between people of good sense. When one bird singing trapped inside a cage, sings sad. So, I shut up. (Sorry for my English mistakes.) Be happy! Tony